An Instagram post by Neha Kakkar has surprised everyone

An Instagram post by Neha Kakkar has surprised everyone

An Insta post of Neha Kakkar has surprised everyone. A few days after the wedding, everyone is stunned to see such a picture. Take a look at this actress photo too. This Instagram post of Neha Kakkar is in the news right now. In this post, Neha has posted a photo, which looks like she is pregnant. Singer Neha Kakkar has not said anything openly about this.

Even Rohanpreet is happy

Rohanpreet Singh’s comment has also come to this post of Neha Kakkar. Rohanpreet wrote in his comment, ‘Now you have to take care too much, Nehu.’

It is also possible that Singer is in such a getup for an album shoot. Even before, his wedding song was revealed, only after which he gave information about marriage.

Let me tell, both of them look very happy in this post. This is a happy photo of both of them. After seeing both, it seemed that they are eagerly waiting for the visiting guests. Neha is flaunting baby bump in a very cute style in the photo.

Nehu the Vyah

Neha Kakkar took a quick match with Rohanpreet Singh at the end of October. Earlier, a song by both of them, ‘Nehru the Vyah’ was released.

Both met in August

Neha Kakkar and Rohan Preet Singh had told in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ that the two met in the month of August itself. After this, both of them fell in love.

The first meeting was on a song shoot

The two met during the shoot of the song in Chandigarh. Rohanpreet soon decided to get married and Neha Kakkar was also ready for marriage.

Neha was inspired by Rohan Preet

Neha Kakkar has liked Rohanpreet’s many habits. Especially his caring nature.

Wedding photos went viral

Let me tell, the pair of both seems quite cute. Photos of their wedding function also went viral



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