Jennifer Lopez gets surprises to her fans by autographs

Jennifer Lopez gets surprises to her fans by autographs

Jennifer Lopez, one of the extraordinary delegates of pop around the world, astounded her fans by going to a Sephora store situated in Miami, to sign signatures for your excellence line JLo Beauty.

The ‘Bronx diva’, who went to the spot with basic and agreeable garments, shared the pictures of the remarkable gathering with his devotees through his authority Instagram account.

“I just halted by the Sephora store at the Brickell City Center and marked two or three boxes of JLo Beauty, the early bird gets the worm … Be certain to purchase JLo Beauty at Sephora stores, Sephora Canada and online in light of the fact that it is selling quick, “composed the mediator of” Pa ‘ti “in the previously mentioned distribution.

Further, Jennifer Lopez implied that he could go to different retail locations where his makeup are sold. “In addition, no one can really tell where I’ll appear straightaway!” He included his post Instagram.

In only a couple hours, the distribution of Jennifer Lopez It surpassed 1,000,000 ‘prefers’ and got many remarks in which netizens were eager about the artist’s startling appearance in Miami.

On January 15, Jennifer Lopez delivered her melody “toward the beginning of the day,” where she discusses confidence.

The vocalist reported the debut on her organizations with the subtitle “And he adored you considerably more than he cherished me. I’m so energized for you to see the authority video for ‘in the first part of the day.’

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