Michael Jackson wanted to live 150 years

Michael Jackson wanted to live 150 years

He Used to wear gloves before joining hands with anyone.He used to put a mask on the mouth before going in the middle of the people.

He had appointed 12 doctors at his house to look after him.He used to check his hair from head to toe nails daily.

He was fed after his food was checked at the laboratory. He hired 15 people to get himself exercised.

Michael Jackson was black, he got his skin blond by having plastic surgery in 1987.

He also left his black parents and black friends.He hired a white parent after being blonde. And friends also made whites married even with white women.

Michael married his nurse Debbie Rowe, who gave birth to Prince Michael Jackson Jr. (1997) and Paris Michael Catherine (3rd April 1998).

He was pursuing the goal of living for a hundred and fifty years.He always slept on oxygenated beds, he also prepared donors who donated for themselves.

Those whom he used to spend, so that when the time comes, when he needs kidneys, lungs, eyes or any other part of any body, he would come and give it, he felt that he can dodge death due to money and his influence.

But He proved to be wrong, on 25 June 2009, his heart started beating, the condition of 12 doctors at his house did not come under control, doctors from all over the city gathered at his house but he could not save him.

He did not eat anything, contrary to the doctor’s advice for 25 years.His condition had worsened at the end of time, by the time he was 50 years old.

He had reached near collapse and on 25 June 2009 he left this world.Who had arranged for himself to live one hundred and fifty years.

His arrangement was left behind.When the post-mortem of his body was done, the doctor said that his body had become a bone structure.

His head was bald, his ribs were broken, his bones were broken, there were countless needle marks on his body, the pain caused by plastic surgery was removed. In order to get antibiotics, injections had to be taken in a day.

Michael Jackson’s final journey was seen live by 2.5 billion people. It is the most watched live broadcast ever. Wikipedia, Twitter, and AOL’sinstant Messenger all crashed on 3 June 2018, the day of Michael Jackson’s death.

News of his death revealed that 8 million people searched Michael Jackson on HiGoogle.The biggest traffic jam was on Google due to over search.

And Google crashed, Google did not work for two and a half hours! Those thinking of dodging death always dodge death.

That is why you should live life happily


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