Lizy Tagliani got engaged Leo Alturria

Lizy Tagliani got engaged  Leo Alturria

Leo Alturria astounded Lizy Tagliani with a trade off proposition air in Around the world, the Marley cycle on Telefe.

In the program from Tierra del Fuego, Leo burst into the air with the goal of saying a couple of words, as declared by the host.

“My affection, hear me out. I am glad to be with you. We are toward the apocalypse and I need to reveal to you that another stage starts from here. I need to give you this ring to reinforce our responsibility. I love you definitely and we began our experience, “Leo told Lizy, who was taking a gander at him distrustfully.

Lizy permitted herself to put the ring on and accordingly he kissed his accomplice.

Lizy Tagliani, in the wake of accepting the proposition from Leo AlturrIa. Catch TV.

“Are you getting connected at this moment?” Marley asked, additionally astounded. “It’s one more advance for her to do later in the event that she needs him to.”Leo answered.

“The ring is delightful. I push it,” kidded the driver, while Lizy was as yet energized. “I love it, I love you. This was not what I expected”Lizy later condemned, with tears in her eyes.

“They are authoritatively connected with”, condemned Marley, who was picked as the best man.

At that point, more quiet, Lizy added: “I’m still energized. I want all individuals to be as glad as I am presently. Much obliged to you! “What’s more, Marley explained that there is no date for the wedding yet.

In her organizations, Lizy expressed gratitude toward her accomplice once more. “Much obliged to you for this excellent second @leoalturria I love you … I like that you comprehend my humor … that you share my satisfaction and my life 💛 I am glad, “he composed, alongside a photograph together.

This proposition is notwithstanding the one that Lizy got in the period of April 2020. Around then, on informal communities, she additionally showed herself with a ring that her accomplice gave her, yet then she offered no further remarks about a potential wedding.

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