Magaly Medina & Alfredo Zambrano celebrate her marriage anniversary

Magaly Medina & Alfredo Zambrano celebrate her marriage anniversary

Magaly Medina is experiencing a decent time in her life, both in work and in adoration, as she has recently finished four years of union with the legal official Alfredo Zambrano.

To commend their wedding commemoration, the host of Magaly TV, the firm She committed a sentimental message to her better half through her authority Instagram account.

“Today is a long time since we said ‘Indeed, I acknowledge’ and as time passes I am more persuaded that you are the adoration for my life. Glad Anniversary! May they be a lot more years loaded with chuckling and complicity. I love you “, were the expressions of the famous host, who has been on TV for a very long time.

In a little more than 60 minutes, the distribution of Magaly medina in Instagram It figured out how to surpass 12,000 ‘loves’ and collected many remarks where fans praised the moderator on her commemoration with Alfredo Zambrano.

As it is reviewed, Medina and Zambrano were hitched on December 9, 2016, during a private service that was held at the premises of the Wong organization, situated in the La Molina area.

How did Alfredo Zambrano and Magaly Medina’s sentiment start?

Through their YouTube channel, Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano recounted how their romantic tale started.

“At the point when I escaped prison and returned, my maker welcomed me to eat anything I desired. So we go to the eatery and when out of nowhere he lets me know: ‘there is a companion at that table that I need you to meet’ … he moved toward the table chivalrous and made proper acquaintance: ‘Magaly, I sent him roses when he escaped prison ‘”Medina described.



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