Bollywood: Sanjay Dutt looking so dashing in her new hair look

Bollywood: Sanjay Dutt looking so dashing in her new hair look

After winning the battle with cancer, Sanju Baba i.e. Sanjay Dutt is seen in a new look. This look of Sanjay Dutt is satisfying to the fans. As of late, Sanjay Dutt has risen up out of a genuine disease like Lung Cancer. On the birthday of his youngsters, Sanjay imparted the narrative of his fight to disease with his fans via online media.

Sanjay changed hair tone

Sanjay Dutt has changed his haircut a great deal. He has got his hair shading ‘Bleach Blonde’. Sanjay is looking cool since changing his hair tone. Sanjay is parading his new hair look. He has additionally clicked numerous photographs with his look.

Fans are preferring Sanjay’s new look

This cool buddy look of Sanju Baba is a lot of preferred by the fans. Individuals are applauding Sanjay Dutt a ton by remarking on the photograph. Sanjay Dutt will before long beginning going for his two movies, Prithviraj and KGF 2. In both these movies, Sanjay will be found in a colossal activity symbol.

Sanjay will begin shooting soon

Notwithstanding, considering Sanjay’s wellbeing, a few changes have been made in the activity scenes of the film. Sanjay Dutt is eager to begin going for the two his movies. They have just begun arrangements.



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