Web Series Are Better Than Movies Now Days

Web Series Are Better Than Movies Now Days

Prakash Jha is a big name in the Hindi film industry. In his career of nearly four decades, he has made great films like ‘Gangajal’, ‘Kidnapping’ and ‘Aarakshan’. ‘Ashram’ is the first web series made under his direction and in this he has shown the exploitation of hypocritical religious leaders, casteism and religion in the name of women. This series, released on MX Player, brings you to one such truth that will keep you from going deep inside.

Bobby Deol has played the main character in ‘Ashram’. Bobby has a great role in the role of a vicious religious teacher. You would never have seen him in such an avatar before today. Also in this series, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumar, Aditi Pohankar, Anupriya Goenka, Adhyan Suman and Tridha are also present in important roles.

Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) is a religious teacher who has millions of followers. This Baba, popularly known as Kashi Baba among his devotees, has taken advantage of the trust of thousands of innocent people and grabbed them all. Not only this, nine girls have disappeared from Baba’s ashram in the last three years. No one knows where she went, alive or dead.

One such girl is Pammi (Aditi Pohankar) who becomes a part of her ashram at the behest of Baba Nirala. Pammi is a combative young wrestler who had raised her voice against casteist forces and brought justice to her family even before coming to the ashram. When she learns about the wrong things going on in the ashram, she decides to bring Baba’s real face to the world.

The series makes the audience stand in front of many evils of society right from the beginning. Like Prakash Jha, we are asking all that how are we silent even after seeing all this before our eyes? This does not mean that Ashram is not an entertaining series. Like Prakash Jha’s films here, you will also get tremendous entertainment along with social commentary.

Bobby Deol is playing the second innings of his career. His comeback here is really praiseworthy. Seeing the range he has shown in the role of Baba Nirala, it seems that he has landed in the field only to win this innings. At the same time, Chandan Roy Sanyal, who plays Baba’s henchmen, also impresses with his acting. Darshan Kumar, who has won his acting in hits like ‘Mary Kom’ and ‘NH24’, has also appeared in full form here.

Prakash Jha and his team together have prepared a show that will make you think about many things. Also, its story has been woven in such a way that the audience will not be able to move from its chair till the end.



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