Benefits of Tulsi and side effect in your health

Benefits of Tulsi and side effect in your health

Benefits of Tulsi

While the importance of Tulsi is prevalent in religious works, on the other hand, Tulsi has earned a good name as a medicine. This divine plant can be used in the following ways.

Benefits in a cold cough.

It is common to have cough, headache during cold days. Tulsi is very beneficial for its treatment. You can also eat it raw or grind it into a paste. Let’s know about its method.

Method: Grind three to four grams of basil leaves with curd, honey or milk to reduce cold and cough.

Relieve from nausea

Consuming Tulsi is also very beneficial in nausea. Studies show that it contains a substance called Eugenol which gives us relief. Let’s know its method.

Method: Mixing the juice of 3-4 basil leaves with honey and licking it stops vomiting.

Help in the treatment of pneumonia

Elements of holy basil are very beneficial for our lungs. They help in treating pneumonia. Let’s know about its method.

Method: Grind 50g basil, 25g ginger, 15g black pepper and 10g cardamom and boil till the mixture remains 20g. This mixture is effective for people of all ages.

Treatment of asthma

Asthma treatment with basil leaves is also possible. Use it according to the method below, you will definitely get relief.

Method: Preparing decoction of leaves of Gulbanfsa, Mulethi and Tulsi helps in getting relief from respiratory diseases.

To increase resistance to disease.

Tulsi is a panacea for children and adults. Many diseases can be avoided by using it in the following way.

Method: Take out 15-20 kg juice of basil leaves and heat it in a ghee on a low flame, then massage the body with this paste. You will feel more energetic.

To increase appetite.

Often young children have problems such as loss of appetite. To get rid of this problem, mother can use Tulsi in this way.

Method: Make a sauce by mixing ginger, black pepper, basil leaves, chilli and salt. Serve it with food. This sauce prevents stomach infection.

For child happiness.

Tulsi is also possible in treating problems like infertility. Infertility is found not only in women, but also in men. The most common issue in men is insufficient production of healthy normal sperm. Come, let us know its method that how to eat basil removes infertility.

Method: Take 200g seeds of basil mixed with sugar candy and cow’s milk in the morning and evening.

Once the throat is down.

If you get sore in winter, suck 2-4 leaves of basil, with a little sugar and a little black pepper. This method will reduce the sore throat.

Additional method: Drink 2-3 cloves, 3-4 basil, 3-4 black peppers mixed with rock salt in crushed water… This will open the throat and clear the voice.

Ear ache and problem of pus.

If you have ear pain or pus problem, basil leaves are also very beneficial in this. Use it according to the method below, you will definitely benefit.

Method: Remove the juice of basil leaves and drop it into the ear after 4-4 drops. If the ear pain is not cured in this way or if the ear pain is not complete, then cook 20-25 kg basil leaf in 50g sesame oil on low flame and pour this oil in the ear.

Fever Relief

If the body is meditating, has fever like normal or malaria, make a decoction of basil leaves and sugar candy and give it to the patient. This will also remove weakness after fever.

Injury Relief

If any part of the body gets hurt, boil basil leaves in water and wash the wound with this water.

To increase memory

Though Tusli is beneficial for every class of people, but for children it proves very beneficial. Boosts the memory power of students who write studies. Let us know how the memory power is increased by consuming it.

Method: Taking 4-5 leaves of basil mixed with honey increases memory power. This tool is beneficial for children who study.


To avoid pyorrhea, make a paste of basil leaves, black pepper, rock salt and massage the gums. With the help of cotton, this paste can also be placed on the gums.

Side Effects Of Tulsi

Tulsi, small or small, is beneficial in diseases, but it has been said that excessive intake of Tulsi can also be harmful for health.

Excess of Eugenol.

Basil has an element called euginal. Excess of its quantity can cause problems like cough or bleeding in urine.


Basil has a high amount of sugar. Those patients who are taking medicines to reduce sugar, they should reduce its use.

Blood thinning.

The intake of basil causes blood thinning. Avoid taking basil if you are taking blood thinning medicines. By using both together, the blood becomes very thin and it can prove to be a problem.

Reaction in pregnant women

Excessive intake of basil causes the uterus to shrink. It contains a substance called astragol. This can cause uterine contractions, which is dangerous. This can cause difficulty while giving birth to a child.



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