Deep sleep is essential for good health.

Deep sleep is essential for good health.

According to the scientists, through sleep, the body and mind are relaxed, the body tissues are repaired and the spent power comes back, there is a renewal of new energy and freshness in the body. A person is able to do his work with double enthusiasm

The remedies for sweet deep sleep are as follows-

1: – Go to bed for comfortable sleep only when ready to sleep.

2: – Before going to bed, one should get rid of all worries and stress.

3: – It is very essential to have a bed suited for good sleep. Your bed should be comfortable. The bedroom should be clean. There is peace in the room.

4: – Take a walk for 15-20 minutes before going to bed at night. It helps in good blood circulation and leads to good sleep.

5: – You should eat at least two hours before bedtime. If you cannot do this, then take a night walk. This makes the food easily digested.

6: – Heading towards the east direction, sleeping leads to a happy and peaceful sleep

7: – Clean and cool water before going to bed. If you feel restless, massage the soles of the feet with oil and you will feel refreshed.

8: – Sleep not remember the sad events of yesterday. Do not get entangled in the worries of tomorrow. What happened, how will everyone forget

9: – Do not consume tea-coffee, alcohol smoke before bedtime. Do not eat sleeping pills also. Its habit causes side effects.

10: – To prevent insomnia, keep the routine in order. Neither woke up late in the morning, nor woke up late at night.

11: – Get up before sunrise and do exercises, asanas, meditation. Listen to melodious music. Read good literature. Avoiding a stressful environment is a pleasant, sweet, and helpful sleep.



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