Dina Paucar going live to Facebook celebrate her 30-year artistic career

Dina Paucar going live to Facebook celebrate her 30-year artistic career

Diana Páucar, perhaps the best example of society music in Peru, reported the holding of a show through Facebook Live to praise her 30-year imaginative vocation.

“I welcome you to partake in together the virtual show for my 30th commemoration Silver Wedding, a show that will be held with much love for every one of you, who all through every one of these years has indicated me all your adoration and backing”, communicated the society vocalist in a post on Instagram.

The introduction of Dina Páucar, joined by The Super Elegant of Peru As a melodic structure, it will occur on December 23 from 3:00 pm, in a live transmission from its authority Facebook profile.

Additionally, the call ‘Delightful goddess of love’points out that this occasion will have the identity of being environmental.

“It will be our first live show and the principal show from the profundities of nature, absolutely environmental,” says the mediator of “How excellent are your eyes”.

Also, Dina Páucar guaranteed that for the acknowledgment of this occasion, the set up measures are being considered to forestall the spread of (COVID-19) and secure the strength of the creation individuals and specialists present.

“We are setting up a show with a ton of adoration to praise my 30th commemoration with all the security conventions,” he said.



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