Can’t drink alcohol for two months after taking vaccine

Can’t drink alcohol for two months after taking vaccine

Some time ago, Russia warned the people of their country not to consume alcohol after applying the ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine. What is the reason that people are being asked to avoid drinking alcohol after a vaccine shot?

The world has got the first vaccine of Coronavirus, many countries like Britain, Canada have started using it. India too can get the vaccine soon. In such a situation, which things will have to be avoided when applying the vaccine, it is very important for you to be born. Experts say that people should keep away from liquor for 2 months after vaccination.

Russia imposed a ban

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said during an interview that the people of Russia would have to take special precautions for 42 days after getting the vaccine. People will have to avoid going to crowded areas, apply masks, use sanitizer and also avoid alcohol consumption.

What harm from alcohol?

Anna Popova, the head of the Consumer Safety Watchdog Rospotrebnadzor from Russia, has said to avoid alcohol consumption for 2 months after the vaccine. He says that “Alcohol reads stress on the body, if we want a healthy body and strong immune response, then we have to avoid the consumption of liquor.”

What is the opinion of Indian experts ?

Dr. Jyoti Mukta, Senior Consultant of Microbiology at Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute gave further information on this. According to Dr. Mukta, Russia has given people the option of not drinking liquor after the vaccine so that the body can get strong immune response after the vaccine.



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