These five things are enemies of your liver

These five things are enemies of your liver

These five things are enemies of your liver use them sparingly

Every part of our body is very important. If even a part of your body stops working then the body will start getting many types of diseases. For this reason it is important to take care of every part of the body. We still pay attention to the upper part of our body, but it is also very important to keep an eye on what is going on inside the body and whether the internal organs are functioning properly.

Liver is also a special part of our body, which is very important to take care of. If the liver is damaged, it will have a direct impact on the health of the body. We often do not pay attention to our food and inadvertently damage our liver. Tells you which foods are most harmful to your liver.


The sugar eaten in tea day and night, pudding in halwa and sugar in one form or another is the one that causes the most damage to the liver. Refined sugar is the worst for your health. Sugar is called white poison. It not only increases obesity in the body but also has a great effect on liver function. There are no major benefits of eating brown sugar. As much as possible, reduce the use of sugar. You can take jaggery instead of sugar.

Chaat masala

Living in India is a bit difficult. However, spices cause a lot of damage to the liver. Eating too spicy can spoil your health. Sometimes spicy food is good, but eating spicy food every day is not considered good. Do not use too many spices. If I am eating everyday, I should still eat light spicy foods.


For example, objects used in range do not harm the body. In such cases, even a limited amount of alcohol is good for the body. There, if you start consuming too much alcohol, it has the most effect on the liver. Anyone with damaged liver should not forget to use any type of alcohol.

Vitamin supplements

 You must have often heard that it is very important to have vitamins in the body. We get it from fruit or food. If it is not available as a fruit, then vitamins are taken from outside for growth and nutrition in the body. However, excessive use of vitamins can also have harmful effects on the liver. Also, if you take vitamin A, it can be very dangerous for your body.

Cold drink

Soft drinks can be a great relief on hot days, but they are harmful to your whole body. This type of drink has a harmful effect on your body. In addition, they are very bad for the liver. It contains high amount of sugar and it has harmful effects on liver.



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