These Tests that can tell if you are sick or healthy.

These Tests that can tell if you are sick or healthy.

Most people do not fall ill. Till then no one is tested. As we grow older. In the same way our immunity starts to weaken. As a result, many diseases surround the body. Doctors advise people to get physical checkups every year. But most people do not get this checkup. Due to which their body becomes the home of diseases.

Today we will tell you the test that you can do at home. With this you can easily find out whether you are sick or healthy. If you have any problems with these tests, be sure to get a medical test.

Know health status with fingers of hand

To perform this test, first press the thumb of your right hand or index root. While doing this, apply pressure on the upper part of the fingers of your left hand. Start with the thumb of your left hand. Hold the thumb for three to five seconds. Do this on the fingers after the thumb. Look at the hand after this process.

After this pressure, understand that the top of your fingers does not turn from white to red in 2 seconds. Your body is not bleeding properly.

First test


 If there is pain in the toe while pressing the nail, this is a sign. That you may have lung problems.

index finger

The index finger is attached to the large intestine. If there is pain on pressing this finger, there may be a problem with the large intestine. It can also cause constipation.

Finger finger

Pain in the middle finger pressing the ring finger indicates more heart problems.

Pain in the middle finger pressing the ring finger indicates more heart problems.

If there is pain on pressing the little finger of the hand, it may be a sign of small intestine problems.

Second test

Close your fist and see if the veins are healthy

This is the second test to find out if your veins are healthy. Hold the fist for 30 seconds. If the fist appears white after opening and immediately starts to turn red from white, then it means. That the blood vessels are functioning properly and you are completely healthy. If it takes time, a nervous breakdown occurs.

In fact, closing the fist puts pressure on the blood vessels and stops blood flow. When the fist is opened, the blood flow resumes.

Third test

Lift your legs in the air for 30 seconds

In this third test, lie down on the first floor. Lay both hands on the ground while lying down. Keep the body absolutely straight. Raise your legs in the air and hold for 30 seconds. If you can get your feet up and down without bending or moving, then you are perfectly healthy.

If you are having trouble doing this, you may have problems with your stomach or lower back.

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