Sweating from the body is very important

Sweating from the body is very important

Sweating from the body is very important. It helps in removing the bacteria, toxins present in the body. But many people sweat more. Also, they have to face the trouble of smelling from their sweat.

In such a situation, he also has to face many embarrassment among the people. It is mainly due to sweat gland disturbances, stress, hormonal changes, spicy diet, excessive drug intake, weather and obesity.

The condition of excessive sweating is called hyperhydrosis. In such a situation, if you are also struggling with this problem, then you can get rid of it by adopting these measures.

Bay leaf cleaner

Take special care of your body hygiene. The use of bay leaves is very beneficial to deal with this problem of sweating. For this, grind a few leaves of bay leaves and dry them. Then boil it in water and keep it aside for 24 hours. The next day, using this water as a cleanser, cleanse the body thoroughly. Especially in those places where sweat comes more.

Bath daily

Take good care of the cleanliness of the body. For this take a good bath daily. You can take a bath by adding a pinch of baking soda to your bath water. It prevents excessive sweating.

Neem leaves water

Many people sweat more in the body. There is also the problem of smelling from sweat. In this case, soak a little neem leaves in water before bathing. Take a bath with its prepared neem water. This will relieve the problem of bad smell, itching with sweat. You will also feel freshness. If you want, you can also use Neem soap from the market.

rose water

Taking rose water mixed with water provides relief from the problem of sweating. Apart from this, mixing rose water in marigold flower and applying it on a sweaty area is also beneficial. It also works to control sweat and soothe and calm the body.

Piece of potato

Cut a piece of potato. Rub it on the parts of the body for 5-10 minutes, where excessive sweating occurs. Apart from relieving excessive sweating, it also relieves bad breath.

Pay attention to food

tomato juice

The nutrients present in tomatoes relieve the body from the problem of excessive sweating. For this, drink 1 glass of tomato juice daily.

Green tea

Drink Green-Tea daily. The anti-oxidant elements found in it act to control sweating.


drink plenty of water. It relieves the problem of sweating and also relieves the stench caused by it.

Strawberries, Grapes and Almonds

Even though these things help in maintaining health. But due to the large amount of silicon in them, sweat comes more. In such a way, reduce their intake.



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