How to reduce the chance of heart disease

How to reduce the chance of heart disease

1: – Garlic juice reduces pressure in heart and brain.

2: – Garlic does not allow the blood to thicken.

3: – Soybeans, milk or cheese must be taken. These increase in good and high quality cholesterol and reduce inferior cholesterol.

4: – Onion prevents blood from thickening and dilutes thick blood.

5: – Consumption of garlic-filled onion is beneficial as long as the quantity of ghee is very limited.

6: – To improve high cholesterol level, consume juice of two small onions daily, heart disease will be cured.

7: – Onion is also under control due to disorders caused by excess fat, so eat raw onion in food.

8: – Reduce the use of salt or else there will be a deficiency of potassium and trace elements in the body. This increases weakness. Heart disease also increases.

9: – Never be negligent in taking proper amount of Vitamin B6, Vitamin ‘E’, Vitamin ‘C’ and Niacin in food.



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