Biggest fan of James Bond in India, paid 34 lakh rupees for number plate

Biggest fan of James Bond in India, paid 34 lakh rupees for number plate

The biggest fan of James Bond in India, paid 34 lakh rupees for 25 thousand number plate

There are millions of fans of James Bond in India, but you will be surprised to know about a fan from Gujarat. Whose name is Aashik Patel. Transporter Aashik by profession took some action for James Bond’s number plate, which not only created history in Ahmedabad, but is also discussed all over the country.

Number purchased for 34 lakhs

In fact, recently Ashik Patel bought a new Toyota Fortuner. Aashiq is a big fan of James Bond, he wanted him to get the 007 number. There were many other contenders for this number, but Aashiq left everyone behind and took the number in his name for 34 lakh rupees. The special thing is that the price of his car was just a little more than the price of the number i.e. Rs 39.5 lakh. Till now, no such number has been bid for any number in Ahmedabad RTO.

Initial bid was 25 thousand

According to RTO officials, the bidding for the 007 number started at midnight on 23 November. During that time the price of the bid was 25 thousand rupees. Meanwhile, there was a sharp bidding between Aashik and another vehicle owner. In a few hours these bids reached 25 lakhs. Later, the second man pulled his hand back and at 11.53 in the night, Aashik took the number of 34 lakhs to bid his name. His vehicle number will now be GJ01WA007.

What did Ashik Patel say?

Assistant RTO NV Parmar said a bid of 34 lakhs has been made for the 007 number. After payment, this number will be officially allotted to Ashik Patel. Apart from 007, the number 001 was bid for Rs 5.56 lakh, while the number 0369 stood at number three with 1.40 lakh. Although many people are raising questions about bidding so much on Aashik, but Aashik opinion in this matter is somewhat different. He said that I got the number 007 for my first vehicle and it has brought a win for me. It was not a matter of money for me here, I believe that this number is lucky for me.



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