Basis Of Happy Married Life

Basis Of Happy Married Life

Husband’s liability

1-Spouses consider each other complementary and half-healthy, not too large.

2- Respect the wife fairly. Love him in the true sense. As much as possible, for his reasonable demands according to the condition of his home.

3- Never be rude to your wife, do not be rude.

4- Never kill a wife, it is a great sin.

5- Keep teaching the wife in loving words, keep the wife satisfied and virtuous with her good conduct and good behavior.

6- Do not condemn the wife’s parents – brothers etc.

7- If the wife is ill, do all kinds of service with your hands.

Wife’s obligation

1- The wife considers the husband as God, supreme master and supreme worshiper and serves her as a loser with her heart, body and wealth.

Couple Happy Marriage Life
Couple Happy Marriage Life

2- Treat your husband with a gentle, polite, sweet manner. Never use harsh words. Never insult your husband.

3- Never treat your husband fraudulently.

4 – Do not ask the husband about the condition of the house.

5- Never harm the husband’s mother and brother.

6- See other man as father, son, brother only.

Interesting recipe for love in husband and wife

At home, we should keep about 50 grams of alum in each room. Keep it open in any corner of this room. Keeping it in the bedroom keeps the husband and wife in love with each other. Keeping it in the drawing room keeps the love and harmony among those who come and go.



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