Always remember these 12 things, you will never get sick.

Always remember these 12 things, you will never get sick.

A happy life is essential. Stay healthy Some of these things happen. By always remembering them, we can stay healthy.

Many diseases are being caused by poor eating and drinking habits. Blood pressure, constipation, acidity, flatulence are all common these days. To avoid such minor ailments, it is important to remember a few things.

Today we will tell you some things to always remember and stay healthy.

1. Filling your mouth with water while bathing never causes a cold.

2. Always massage the nose, ears, navel and toes with mustard oil before bathing. Bathing never causes the problem of poor eyesight.

3. Speaking up counts speeds up memory.

4. Always use only rock salt, ghee and mustard oil in food.

5. Always urinate after meals. There will be no problem with urination.

6. Avoid constipation. If constipation persists. So be sure to eat papaya every evening and do not drink hot milk in the morning.

7. To stay healthy always mix wheat flour with gram flour and barley flour.

8. Be sure to mix a pinch of lime in water after lunch. Doing so enhances memory. Don’t take this if you have a stone problem.

9. Eat less junk food and more green vegetables and fruits.

10. Be sure to consume jaggery and fennel after dinner.

11. If indigestion persists, drink celery water after meals.

12. Make sure you take a 30 minute walk every day to stay healthy.

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