N-95 mask failed to stop Corona cases

N-95 mask failed to stop Corona cases

The demand for masks in the country has increased considerably due to the corona virus. The N-95 mask was previously claimed to be effective for preventing the corona virus. But now the Central Government has written a letter to all states and union territories warning them to wear Velvet Respirators N-95 mask. The government has said that this mask does not stop the spread of corona virus. This mask is the ‘opposite’ of the steps taken to stop the epidemic.

Director General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Rajiv Garg has written a letter to the Principal Secretaries of Health Education Affairs of all states and territories. He said “perforated respirator N-95 mask is contrary to the steps adopted to prevent the spread of infection”. This mask does not prevent the corona from exiting the mask. “

Director General Rajiv Garg urged the states to direct all concerned to stop the improper use of N-95 masks to cover the face.

Methods of use of masks and necessary precautions

Here we are telling you some ways and important precautions to use the mask. Keeping these things in mind, infection can be prevented to a great extent.

Before using the mask, see if it is dirty from anywhere, there is no hole in it.

Do not use masks when dirty or wet.

Change the mask after a certain time.

When not in use, place the mask in its original packing in a clean place

Masks should not be exposed to dust, dirt, moisture or direct sunlight

When applying the mask, make sure it fits your face perfectly.

In April, the government issued an advisory that when venturing out of the home, use homemade masks to prevent the corona virus.

The consultant said that these mask covers should be washed or cleaned daily. In addition, it was stated that a cotton cloth could be used to cover the mouth.

The advice states that the face mask should be made of a cloth that can be quickly washed and dried in five minutes. Also, clothes can also be washed by adding a little salt to warm water. The advisory also mentions how masks can be made at home and keep the masks so fit that no space is left empty near the ears, nose and mouth.



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