Reality of ‘No Cost EMI’ products and see how the plan works

Reality of ‘No Cost EMI’ products and see how the plan works

The festival season is going to start. The celebration deal and markdown race will begin among Flipkart and Amazon in web based shopping in a couple of days. Organizations utilize different advertising strategies to pull in clients, one of them is ‘No cost EMI’ which is otherwise called ‘Zero Cost EMI’. Organizations reveal to you that in the event that you purchase a products for a half year or a year no cost EMI, at that point you won’t need to pay any enthusiasm on it.

As it were, no cost EMI is certainly not an awful choice for the client. Since a client doesn’t need to follow through on his full cost to purchase any merchandise at one time, he can undoubtedly pay the item in EMI. However, have you ever thought about how this ‘no cost EMI’ chips away at your Visa installment, and do you truly pay no premium, do banks truly not charge you enthusiasm on the credit.

On September 17, 2013, the Reserve Bank’s round on No Cost EMI finance says, ‘No credit is without premium. In the zero percent EMI conspire on Mastercard remarkable, the intrigue sum is regularly recouped as handling expense. Additionally, a few banks are charging advance enthusiasm from the item.

That is, RBI additionally accepts that there isn’t anything in this world like ‘Free Lunch’. The main contrast is understanding. Zero intrigue is found in no cost EMI, however there is no, you pay it, yet you don’t have the foggiest idea. So we should see how this No Cost EMI functions.

How the No Cost EMI Model Works


. For instance, assume you went to a web based shopping entryway Amazon or Flipkart and purchased a portable worth Rs 20,000 from that point.

. You paid with a Mastercard and changed over it to a year EMI through No Cost EMI.

. Your EMI of Rs 1667 is made each month for a year

. 1667 (EMI) X (a year) = 20,004 Total cost paid

That is, in the event that you pay for a year in EMI, at that point you pay just Rs. 20,000. That is, the genuine cost of the portable is paid, no additional expense. What might be preferred for a client over this. Presently the inquiry emerges that in such an online organization which sold you versatile and what is the advantage of the bank. Treat it as


The online organization might not have taken the portable MRP from the versatile creation organization, the producer would have given that portable for Rs 16,000 rather than Rs 20,000.

. Presently in the event that the organization sells the client with a forthright installment for 20,000, at that point he got a benefit of 4000 rupees on a portable.

. Presently guess that in multi month the organization sold 1000 mobiles.

. At that point there will be a benefit of 1000 (Customer) X 4000 (Profit) = 40,00,000 out of a month.


. Consistently online organization wins 40 lakh rupees on portable.

. At that point there is the bank section, which advises the organization in the event that it needs to acquire Rs 80 lakh rather than Rs 40 lakh.

. The bank discloses the plan to this organization to give 2000 out of Rs. 4000 earned on a portable

. Rather, they begin giving the choice of no cost EMI to the clients.

Assume no cost EMI, the online organization begins selling 4000 mobiles in a month rather than 1000 mobiles. Since clients incline toward EMI better than single amount installment, that too without intrigue. This advantages the client that he doesn’t need to go through a ton of cash in one stroke, then again, the online organization begins developing the volume of clients quickly. That is, both get advantage from this plan.

4000 (Customer) X 2000 (Profit) = Earnings of 80 Lakhs


Presently where is the bank’s part in this, what is the advantage to him, for what reason will he give advance without premium. Consider it like this

At the point when the bank requested that the organization share 2000 out of its 4000 rupees with it, the equivalent is its advantage. Which has been left in the market by making Shigufa of No Cost EMI. In spite of the fact that the client isn’t paying this premium legitimately to the bank, however the organization is paying it to the bank. In any case, there is no misfortune in it, there is advantage of every one of the three.

(E) Now see some more things.

. The cost of that portable is kept so much that intrigue cost turns out in it. That is, the organization has an edge of Rs 20,000 and furthermore intrigue.

. No cost EMI expands the spending limit of the client. Since prior the portable which was bought by making a single amount installment will currently be taken on EMI, that is, it can purchase more things. This will likewise profit online stores.

. Frequently a few organizations offer limits rather than No cost EMI. For instance, on a versatile of 20,000 she will offer you a markdown of 2000, and you will pay a single amount of Rs 18,000.

. In any case, in the event that you need to purchase versatile in EMI, at that point you need to pay just Rs. 20,000. At that point you don’t get any rebate. Since simultaneously you are paying a markdown of 2000 rupees as intrigue. This is No Cost EMI Cost.

There is no mischief in no cost EMI, simply the bundle where it is sold and it is confounding.



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