Former old tennis star married 5th woman of 30 years

Former old tennis star married 5th woman of 30 years

Former Wimbledon tennis star married 5th woman of 30 years

Former world number one male tennis player Ilie Nastase is married for the fifth time at the age of 73. Nastase fifth wife Iyana Simian is 30 years younger than him, i.e. she is 43 years old.

Both nastase and Simian of Romania have been dating each other for the last 2 years. Anastase has 4 daughters and a son from his previous wives. According to the British tabloid ‘The Sun’, a plain and enchanting ceremony at the beach-based Mamia resort in Constanta, Romania, was tied to Ilie Nastase and Simian’s wedding.

Ilie Nastase and Simian’s close family and friends attended this wedding. Guests also include former Romanian footballer Cipriana Marika, 34 and his wife.

Ilie Nastase and Simian had a civil marriage in April last year, but decided to wait for the church ceremony. He told the local media, we did not do anything special. We had dinner in a restaurant after leaving the church. It was plain and adorable. This is what we wanted to do with just a few people, without any noise. This is what my wife wanted.

Ilie Nastase and Simian started dating each other in September 2018. Just a few days ago, Anastase divorced his fourth wife, Brigitte Saft. Anastas has won 7 Grand Slams during his career.

She first married Dominic Grazia in 1972. The marriage lasted until 1980. Ilie Nastase then married Alexandra King, Amalia Anastas and Saft.

The special thing is that Ilie Nastase had won 7 Grand Slams before the birth of Sinesian. Born on 19 July 1946, he remained number one in the world from 23 August 1973 to 2 June 1974. He won the US Open in 1972 and the French Open in 1973.

He previously won the French Open in Men’s Doubles in 1970 and Wimbledon in Mixed Doubles. He won Wimbledon in men’s doubles in 1973. He also won Wimbledon in mixed doubles in 1972. He won the US Open in 1975 in Men’s Doubles. He could not win the Australian Open even once in his career.

He was the first professional sports personality to sign an endorsement contract with Naik in 1972. However, after retiring from tennis, he was in a lot of controversy.

UK and Romania match in 2017 Fed Cup Ilie Nastase had abused British tennis player Johann Konta during the match itself. He was then kicked out of the stadium. Anastase was also banned from watching the Wimbledon match in 2017.



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