Martina Hingis supported Federer’s proposal

Martina Hingis supported Federer’s proposal

Tennis Hall of Famer Martina Hingis has sided with Roger Federer and called for a merger of the WTA and ATP, stating that the governing bodies will ‘strengthen together’.

The five-time Grand Slam champion was speaking to the Handsljitung website when he said the highest-ranking women tennis players would benefit if the merger took place.

Federer sparked some frenzy when he suggested that the visits of men and women should be merged under one governing body.

The Swiss Star said that uniting the bodies of men and women was “probably prolonged” and that the Kovid-19 epidemic was the ideal time for them to join forces.

Hingis has endorsed the idea, but admitted that it is not as easy as it seems.

Grand slam tournaments offer equal prize money for both men and women, but smaller tournaments still have disparities.

Hingis admitted that it would be difficult because the lack of funds could result in equal prize money from smaller tournaments to them.

“I will look at it (the merger) positively. The association will have a stronger position than the tournament organizers,” she said.

“It can also be a lever to align the system and also the prize money.

It can be difficult to align them [prize money] on small events because many tournaments will suddenly disappear due to big budget.

Most players cannot stay away from the game. This problem can be solved only when the game has high status in the society, which means that more money is invested in the game.

After tennis is enjoyed extensively around the world, but its administration is at variance with the seven associations running seven different sports.

I am depicting a merger between WTA and ATP, Federer tweeted.

I am not talking about the merger of the competition in court, but the merger of 2 governing bodies (ATP and WTA) overseeing the professional visits of men and women.

In addition to ATP and WTA Tours, the game is also governed by the International Tennis Federation and the board of four Grand Slam tournaments.

It’s very confusing for fans of different ranking systems, different logos, different websites, different tournament categories, Federer said.

It probably should have happened long ago, but maybe now is really the time.

These are tough times in every game and we can come out of it with 2 weak bodies or 1 strong body.



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