Success story about India team winning first t20 world cup 2007

Success story about India team winning first t20 world cup 2007

The year 2007. Two big events took place in Indian cricket in the World Cup. Cricket World Cup worst defeat in first 50 overs and champion in second T20 World Cup. The Indian team captained by Rahul Dravid was eliminated in the first round of the 50-over Cricket World Cup. On the other hand, in the T20 World Cup, MS Dhoni’s youth team buried the flag.

Indian fans do not remember the World Cup led by Rahul Dravid. But now the manager of the 2007 T20 World Cup team Lalchand Rajput has made a disclosure. He has told that Rahul Dravid was behind the idea of ​​sending a young team to the T20 World Cup. Dravid had told his teammates Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly not to play the experienced players of the team in the T20 World Cup. Because of which Sachin, Sourav, and Dravid did not become part of this tournament.

Lalchand Rajput told in SportsKira Cricket’s Facebook Live that it was Dravid who convinced Sachin and Ganguly not to play T20 World Cup.

They said,
“Yes, it is true (Rahul Dravid told Sachin and Sourav not to play T20 World Cup in 2007.). Rahul Dravid was the captain of the team in England. While some players had reached Johannesburg directly from England to play T20 World Cup. In such a situation, Dravid said that ‘the youth should be given a chance’.

Due to this thinking of Dravid, players like Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan and Joginder Sharma could play in the 2007 T20 World Cup. Lalchand Rajput further said,

“Sachin always used to tell me that I have been playing cricket for many years but cricket could not win the World Cup.” Although he won the World Cup in 2011. But he was desperate to win that World Cup in 2007. Whereas that team won it in the first attempt. “

Apart from this, Lalchand also told that the team that won the 2007 World Cup had the same thinking and message that

“We don’t have to worry but we have to worry.”

The Indian team showed such a brilliant game under Dhoni’s captaincy in the first T20 World Cup. After that, the performance of that team is remembered till date.



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