How You Earn money from Instagram in 2020

How You Earn money from Instagram in 2020

Almost everyone keeps uploading photos on social media and after that many likes and comments await. There are some people who want to increase their followers and are also famous.

Some people also know how to make money from Instagram, but still they do not use those methods and some people who also know that they choose the wrong path. Due to which they do not earn Instagram Se Paise even after working hard.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you about Instagram Se Paise Kamane Ke Tarike, which you can understand and you can earn thousands to millions of rupees every month. But you also have to have skills.

Earn money from Instagram?

If you look at one thing today, digital marketing is growing very fast in India too. A small part of it is Instagram, there are many people in our country who are making money from Instagram.

To make money from Instagram, first of all we have a lot of active followers, and at the same time we have to have some skills that can inform more people.

People who upload their normal pictures on Instagram think that they can make money in this way, then I would like to say to those people that you cannot make money in this way.

To earn money from Instagram, you must upload content there, such as uploading videos to IGTV, anyone can upload informational videos. Or if you want to upload your own photo, then for that you will have to do a professional photo shoot, only then you will be able to earn money in these ways.

Step 1: – First choose your niche

Like I told all of you that if you are thinking that if I can make money by uploading some photos then it is not like that at all, for this you will have to think for my Instagram page that whoever you are but will post content On which subject or niche

In the same way, if you have a good knowledge about health or photography, you post the same on your page and do so continuously for 90 days, then you will also see the result of your hard work.

Now after this, when the followers on your page start growing slowly, you can earn money from Instagram in different ways. I am also going to tell you some ways by which you can make money.

Step 2: – Post photos or videos daily

When you choose Niche for your Instagram, then you have to keep posting content related to the same Niche everyday.

Initially you may not like your post, but you don’t have to think about it at all,

You keep posting daily and gradually you will see that likes and followers will start coming on your post.

Step 3: – Stay connected with your followers

As I just told you, for Instagram Se Paise Kamane, we need the most people to stay active among all our followers, that whenever you post a post or story, they will see it and like it.

To keep followers active, you have to engage with them, such as, when a follower comments on any of your posts or messages you.

So answer this, in doing so a relationship is formed between you and your follower, thus they become your active followers.

Step 4: – Add a story every day

Perhaps you guys must have paid some attention to the fact that we have a better Reach on Instagram Story than our Instagram posts.

So we should always put up an Instagram Story, if the page is new, then do add the story so that more and more people can get information about your page.

Step 5: – Tag Brand in Story and Post

Whenever we post such a post or story, and it mentions a brand or shows its photo, then tag the Instagram page of the brand in that story or post.

That way, that brand gets to know about our page and is likely to get sponsorship from us.

And with this the reach also increases due to which the number of followers on our page also increases.

Step 6: – Create content around the brand

With Sponsor Related Content I would like to say that whatever content you are creating for your Instagram page, can you get Sponsor from it.

So always create this kind of content, and whatever content you create, you can write it in the bio of your Instagram page. By doing this, when anyone views the bio, it will be known for which subject this page posts content.



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