Filling the credit card bill these options can help

Filling the credit card bill these options can help

There is a problem in filling the credit card bill, these 4 options can help

Many people have lost their jobs due to lock-down. At the same time, there has been a problem of running the house due to the closure of many industries. Since most people depend on credit card. They use it for their needs, but due to being unemployed, now payment of credit card bill has become a problem for people. If you are also troubled by this thing, then we will tell you some useful things, which can reduce your difficulties by adopting them.

Balance Transfer

Through this facility, you can repay the outstanding amount through EMI. You can transfer the outstanding amount on one credit card to another card through balance transfer. By doing this, if the date of payment of bill of one card is near, then you can get some time by transferring it to another. This will give you time to pay the bills. This is called a credit period. In this, you can repay the bill amount on the next date without increasing the interest.


The amount can be repaid from investment, about 36 to 40% interest is charged annually on credit card dues. In such a situation, you can withdraw some of your investment and invest it here. Here you can invest such an investment which is not getting much return.

Personal loan

Personal loan is also an option. If someone’s credit card is very high, then you can use personal loan. Though you will have to pay 11 to 24 percent interest on this, but you will be saved from the hassle of paying the bill immediately.

Top up loan

Top up loan can also work if you have taken a home loan and it has been two years of paying the installment. So you can avail the facility of top-up loan. With this, you can pay your credit card bill. After this, you can also add it in the installment of your home loan. This will solve your problem.



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