Keep these five things in mind before buying a new car

Keep these five things in mind before buying a new car

Everyone wishes they had their own car. Special plans are required before purchasing a new car. For example, which car would be better for you, which car would fit your budget and which car would meet your needs all the way. Today, we will talk to you on this issue in this article and will tell you about 5 points that you can choose by following them.

1) – Body Type: Nowadays there are many vehicles of different body types (hatchback, sedan, SUV etc.) in the market. First you have to select body type. If you are thinking of buying a car with less space for a lower price then hatchback cars will be better for you. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy sporty feel, then you are fond of SUVs and tall cars then you can opt for sedan car. The compact SUV segment is becoming increasingly popular in the Indian market today.

2) – FEATURES AND TECHNIQUES: After the selection of the car, the features and technology given in it matters the most. All the cars in the country will include features such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), rear parking sensor, speed alert system, seat belt reminder as per the government directive. This feature will be available in all variants.

Apart from this, connectivity features are quite popular in new cars, recently Hyundai, Kia Motors and MG Motors have launched their cars in the market. In which features like internet connectivity and voice commands are being given. So always choose a car where you get the latest features and technology.

3) – Engine and Transmission: There are vehicles ranging from 800 cc capacity to heavy cc engine in the Indian market. If you are thinking of buying a car for normal city driving, then a vehicle with very heavy engine will not work for you. For this, you can choose a car with a maximum capacity of 1.2 liters. Apart from this, the SUV can also choose engine capacity from 1.3 liters to 1.5 liters.

Currently, the automatic gearbox is becoming very popular, which is the best solution for comfortable driving. MPVs like the Toyota Innova are also available for the longer route, using engines ranging from 2.4 liters to 2.7 liters. Hatchback and compact sedan cars have better 1.2-liter engines that are also economical and offer better mileage.

4) – Safety features: In any vehicle, it is most important to take special care of safety. Apart from the above standard safety features, cruise control, multiple airbags, rear view camera etc. are also being offered in some cars. In addition, cars have the utmost utility of a three-pointed seatbelt, which plays an important role in keeping passengers safe in any emergency. Companies such as Ford have also provided SOS emergency messaging facilities in their EcoSport, which send messages as well as emergency contact locations immediately in the event of an accident.

Before choosing a new car, you can consider some essential features, including dual front airbags, child seat anchors, rear parking sensors, cruise control, electronic stability control, traction control hill hold and more. Currently, the Tata Nexon is the safest. The car in the country, rated 5 stars in the Global NCAP Crash Test.

5) – Easy journey: It is common to feel tired during the journey, but if your car is provided with the necessary facilities then your journey will be comfortable. For this, automobile manufacturers are giving many important features. Features like Head Rest, Arm Rest, Rear AC Vent in rear row etc. make your journey even more enjoyable. In addition, adequate leg room and head room within the car are also very important for comfortable travel. So while choosing a new car, keep all these things in mind so that you can choose a better car in your budget.



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