Popular LG Company Invent A First Rotating Wing 5g Phone.

Popular LG Company Invent A First Rotating Wing 5g Phone.

There is more to see on LG’s wing, which is rotating ahead of its official debut on 13 September. Noted leaker Evan Blass has posted a set of “LG Wing 5G” renders on his Patron that provide the clearest look. So far on the experimental phone.

• A leak appears to show LG’s wing as exceptional, including its rarely seen back.

• It can support 5G and sport a larger camera bump.

• More details coming on 14 September.

The front is now very familiar after a string of leaks, although it reports that LG has adapted key parts of its interface to twisty handsets. This is definitely a clearer picture than the video and abstract render compared to earlier. It has a nice (if nondescript) look behind the LG Wing 5G. It may be a more capable camera phone than the Velvet. A typical, Galaxy Note 20-style three-camera bump lags behind, though we wouldn’t expect the same levels of performance.

Imagination does not provide much about glasses. However, support for Qualcomm’s 5G sticker claims that Wing will use an upper mid-range Snapdragon 765G to offer next-gen wireless while keeping costs down. Earlier rumors indicated a 6.8-inch main screen with a smaller second panel.

It is still not certain when Wing will reach the store, or how much it will cost. However, as the first Explorer Project phone, we expect it to carry a premium. The big question may be the availability of the country. While South Korea is likely to get a wing from the beginning, it is not certain that the phone will be widely available.



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