Google does not require a degree to do this course

Google does not require a degree to do this course

Google does not require a college degree to do this course, will be able to get a good-paying job

Distance education and online courses have emerged as the new normal these days. All the professionals are taking part in these online courses to improve their skills, meanwhile the giant tech company Google has also introduced some similar courses to the people.

Regarding these courses, Google claims that there will be no need for a college degree and this course.

Google has also tweeted about this from its official Twitter account. Google wrote, “The Google IT Certificate Program has become the most popular certificate on Coursera, why? It helps learners get a good job in the field of IT support and does not even require a college degree. New opportunities are coming soon.

Google’s IT Professional Certificate gives you the skills needed to start or pursue a career in IT. These courses are fully developed by Google and connect you with more than 50 employers such as Infosys, Cognizant and Google who are hiring people for IT roles.

Through these courses, you will learn all skills such as network protocol troubleshooting, cloud computing and castor service.

The fee for this course is $ 49 per month, while the learner may take 3 to 6 months to complete the course. Google is soon to introduce courses for project managers, data analysts and UX designers.



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