Arya Rajendran of Thiruvananthapuram will be the first youngest Mayor

Arya Rajendran of Thiruvananthapuram will be the first youngest Mayor


Arya Rajendran of Thiruvananthapuram will be the most youthful Mayor.

Arya Rajendran, 21, is a BSc Mathematics understudy.

Arya is related with CPM, won political decision from Mudavanmugal ward.


Arya Rajendran, 21, an occupant of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is at present a BSc Mathematics understudy. She cast her decision in favor of the first run through in the nearby body races and was likewise an up-and-comer. Presently she will end up being the chairman of the city. She will be the most youthful city hall leader of Kerala and probably the most youthful chairman of the nation.

Arya’s dad is a circuit tester and mother is a housewife just as a specialist of LIC. Arya is related with the CPM party. He has won from Mudavanmugal ward in the as of late held political decision and was likewise sworn in on 21 December. CPM’s locale unit has picked Arya Rajendran for the post of Mayor.

Truth be told, the CPM has picked 21-year-old Arya Rajendran as the mayoral applicant. His candidature hosts been affirmed by the get-together’s region advisory group and state board of trustees. Arya Rajendran is a BSc Mathematics understudy and an individual from the gathering’s Chhala Area Committee. The gathering administration trusts that more instructed ladies will arise in positions of authority.

The gathering has won 51 seats in the 100-part chamber in the as of late closed nearby body decisions. The BJP is the primary resistance with 35 seats. The Congress-drove UDF was set third with 10 councilors. The organization has four free councilors. Arya Rajendran stated, ‘This is the choice of the gathering and I will follow it. During the political race, individuals preferred me since I am an understudy and individuals needed an informed individual as their agent. I will proceed with my schooling and satisfy my obligations as Mayor.



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