Corona Vaccine Soon Not Possible

Corona Vaccine Soon Not Possible

It is not possible to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 soon, as the RNA virus changes very quickly and makes it difficult to produce a good vaccine.

Claudio Anime Professor of the Department of Health Sciences University of Milan, Italy As the Claudio Director of Hospitals’ Occupational Health Unit Saints Paolo and Carlo of Milano, Covid-19 is handling the epidemic extensively.

When asked about a vaccine that still does not appear on the horizon, Claudio said that there is no vaccine yet for HIV infection.

And is there a possibility to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, and how soon is it possible?

Claudio responded Not too soon. RNA viruses change very quickly and this makes it difficult to make a good vaccine.

Elaborating on the Italian experience of covid-19, – there is a possibility that the population has developed herd immunity after experiencing a viral infection attack near 6 months – Claudio said “No. Today vaccination rates are in order , Area by its base, 2-15 percent. Far from herd immunity.

Italy was the worst affected by Coronavirus, currently the number of cases has decreased from 5,000 to 300 per day.

By comparison, India is just where Italy was months ago. More than 9,000 cases were reported on Thursday. It posted over 5,000 for two weeks before crossing 6,000, then 7,000 and 8,000 in rapid succession.

On India’s suggestions from his experience in Italy, Claudio said: “If possible make a big sacrifice to lock.”

“Otherwise mandatory mask: Surgical mask is fine for most situations. However, I understand how difficult it is in India.

“Finally, social disturbances. Otherwise it would be very difficult to prevent a series of infections. You should be satisfied when the number of subjects infected with the same coronovirus subject is below 1.

Citing a Covid-19 study at the University of Milan, Claudio said We are studying infection trends among health workers and whether the approaches are adequate to avoid the spread of the disease.

Upset at the increasing level of pollution, especially in the Indian context, which has many polluted cities, supporting the spread of coronaviruses, Claudio stated there is no evidence of this. There is only one hypothesis. I do not believe it.

Asked whether the current trend of number cases would lead India in the direction of the United States, Britain, where viral infections have killed thousands of people, claiming, This is the one thing we here Can’t guess from. Most populated areas, and any place where social disturbances are difficult. And India suffers both these risk determinants!



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