People recovering from corona have no risk of recurrence

People recovering from corona have no risk of recurrence

A new study on corona virus is going to give relief. Research has shown that once the corona virus has been cured, enough antibodies are made in those people and those people are not re-infected with the virus. This claim has been made by Alexander Greninger, assistant director of the Virology Lab at the University of Washington and researchers at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center.

These researches have been done on the basis of serological survey and RT-PCR test. A fishing vessel was selected from Seattle, US for research. There were 122 people aboard this ship. These people were tested before leaving for an 18-day voyage at sea and after coming back. In the test, 104 out of 122 people were found to be corona infected from a single source.

Despite the corona virus spreading throughout the ship, three people were found in it, who survived this infection. Actually, these three people had already got corona virus before coming onboard and they were completely cured from it. Because of this, antibodies were formed in his body. According to the study, this is the reason why these three people survived getting infected again.

Nothing happened to these three people during the outbreak of Corona virus infection in the ship. No symptoms of corona virus were found in these people. However, the researchers also raised a possibility that these three people may not have come in direct contact with the corona virus.

This study has been published on Preprint Server Medrix. The findings of this study confirm that immune response has an important role to prevent this epidemic and the whole world is moving in the right direction on vaccine to increase immunity.

Let us tell you that 200 vaccines are being worked on all over the world at this time. Of these, 29 are in their clinical trials.

Researchers wrote, ‘Through human trials, more information can be found about the safety of neutralizing antibodies. However, due to severe and unknown effects of corona virus, these trials are also being questioned.



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