When Team India did not know what is an ODI

When Team India did not know what is an ODI

After World Cup 2011, be it World Cup 2015 or 2019. Cricket experts are unable to digest only one defeat in the entire tournament of the Indian team. The reason is Team India’s game. Currently, after MS Dhoni, under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, Team India is the king of ODI cricket. Therefore, almost a year ago, when the Indian team lost to New Zealand in the semi-finals, it was not easy for anyone to believe it.

Now take you back about 50 years. When not a single player from Virat’s team was born. Sachin Tendulkar’s generation was not even a player about this team. We are talking about the year of 1971. The world first heard the name of ODI cricket in 1971.

When ODI cricket started:

The year was 1971. The historic Ashes series was going on in Australia. But due to inclement weather, the first three days of the third Test played in Melbourne were ruined by rain. The officials then canceled the match and decided to play a 40-over match in the middle of the Test series. Fast bowling, batting and fielding were all in this match. It was named ODI cricket.

This new form of cricket was well-liked not only in Australia, but also in England as the father of cricket. Since then, these two countries formally started ODI cricket and now started playing ODIs in every series.

It was a time for Indian cricket when Tiger Pataudi was ruled for 10 years and Ajit Wadekar was given the new responsibility of the team in 1971. The Indian team first defeated the West Indies at home and the second one also defeated England. . Now the Indian team was beginning to see a new power of world cricket.

When India reached England in 1974:

In 1974, the Indian team was the number one team in the world. The team reached England under the captaincy of Ajit Wadekar. In English Summer, a new ball named ODI Cricket, which was a boon for countries other than England and Australia. At that time it rains everywhere in England. Also, the atmosphere inside the team was not very good. On this tour, the Test had a 3–0 box case goal. At the same time, the Indian team also lost their first two ODIs at Headingley and Oval.

First Cricket World Cup started in 1975

In the year 1975, it was decided to hold the One Day Cricket World Cup for the first time. England were hosted and played a total of eight teams, of which only six were Test rated. While there were two teams which were yet to get the Test State. The first team was Sri Lanka, which later became a successful team. The other team was East Africa, made up of the best players from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Northern Rhodesia.

In this World Cup, ODI cricket was a 60-over innings match, while the players played with the red ball in white clothes. Until then, the series of day-night or night matches had not begun. All the matches of this World Cup were played on the same day.
The beginning of the year 1975 was excellent for the Indian Games. India’s hockey team returned to Malaysia by winning the World Cup in the month of March. Subsequently, the country’s expectations were also much higher than the cricket team. The country may have expectations from the team, but the team itself had no expectations from itself. Because before this tournament, the team played only two ODIs, in which she lost. What was ODI cricket, it was time to understand.

The selection committee sent such a player to the World Cup by becoming the captain of the Indian team, who later became a successful umpire. Namely Srinivasan Venkataraghavan. Under the captaincy of Venkat, the Indian team arrived to play the World Cup and in the first match it began that England’s newspapers strongly criticized India. Sunil Gavaskar batted 60 overs and scored 36 runs in the first match of the World Cup against England. Subsequently, the English media alleged that India did not want the World Cup to succeed.

India and East Africa match on 11 June 1975:

India had played three ODIs so far. Two before the World Cup and one in the World Cup. But looking at his game, it did not seem that he could understand the multiplication of one-day cricket. On 11 June 1975, the Indian team went to play the second match of the World Cup. For the Indian team, now every match of the tournament was do or die as it was very important to win two of the three matches in their group to reach the knockout stage.

India landed in Leeds 14,000 spectators on 14 June. It was a chance to win against a weak team and win the World Cup in preparation for ODI cricket.

East Africa won the toss against India under the captaincy of Harilal Shah and chose to bat first. But India had landed to avenge the defeat and dishonesty of the first match. The bowlers of Team India battered East Africa so badly that India’s victory was decided on the basis of cedar.

Bishan Singh Bedi bowled eight maiden overs out of 12 and conceded six runs. Abid Ali took five wickets out of 12 and took two wickets. Madan Lal conceded 15 runs in 9.3 overs and took 3 wickets. Amarnath also took two wickets in his account. In this way the East Africa team were all-out by scoring 120 runs in 55.3 overs.

Now there was a target of 121 runs which was easy in front of Team India. But everyone’s eyes were on how Sunil Gavaskar would play this time. Gavaskar played a stormy 65 against East Africa. He hit nine fours in 86 balls. Not only Gavaskar, his partner Farooq Engineer scored 54 runs in 93 balls in the opening.

India achieved this target by 10 wickets in 29.5 overs. Despite Gavaskar scoring more runs in this match, Farooq was given the ‘Man of the Match’. Many people even go as far as to say that England had not given ‘man of the match’ in this match, taking out the blood of the first match to Gavaskar.

But in this way the Indian team not only recorded their first win in ODI cricket but also in the World Cup. After this win, the Indian team lost the next World Cup match to New Zealand in the last over and their World Cup dream ended with a win.



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