India Unlock- 1 will start From 8th June

India Unlock- 1 will start From 8th June

The lockdown will end in the country from June 8 and Unlock One will start. The lockdown will be applicable only in the Containment Zone till June 30. Permission will be allowed only for essential services in the Containment Zone and night curfew will be applicable across the country from 9 am to 5 am. Yesterday, the Ministry of Home Affairs has given instructions that efforts will be made in 3 phases to bring the entire life system back on track. Under this, states have been given wide powers.

The country will open in three phases

Phase 1 – Religious places, shopping malls, restaurants will open from June 8. Ministry of Health will issue SOP for this.

Phase 2- There will be a decision in July to open school-college.

Phase 3- It will be decided to open international flights, metro, cinema, gym, swimming pool, bar, assembly hall only after reviewing the situation.

No restriction on interstate transport

Interstate transport will not be banned, although the state can control this transport if desired, but for this people will have to be told in advance.

Advice for people over 65 years, pregnant women, people already suffering from diseases, children younger than 10 years to stay at home. Exit only for essential work and health facilities.

It is necessary to follow social distancing

It will be necessary to follow the masking, social distancing as before. Crowding will be forbidden. As many as 50 people will be able to gather for weddings. Do not gather more than 20 people for the funeral.

The ban on spitting in public places will continue. Consumption of paan, gutkha and alcohol will be banned in public places.

Promote Work for Home

As far as possible, people should work from home. Promote Work for Home. There should be complete arrangement of screening and hygiene at workplaces. Sanitization should be done.

Central government will do weekly review

The central government will conduct a weekly review in this case during all phases and during this weekly review the facilities given can also be withdrawn if the situation is found to be serious.

Keep in mind that from 24 March 2020, the central government had implemented strict lockdown across the country. All activities except the required activities or tasks were banned.

Subsequently, the measures related to lockdown have been gradually relaxed keeping in mind the broader objective of stopping the spread of Covid-19.



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