Rajnath Singh’s big statement amid controversy with Nepal

Rajnath Singh’s big statement amid controversy with Nepal

Union Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh has made it clear that through talks about the “new” path set by India to travel to Mansarovar between Nepal and India, the debate is on with Nepal. Will be removed Rajnath Singh said that there may be some wrong behavior among the people of Nepal but the relationship between Nepal and India can never be broken.

Devotees will get a big relief from the new route going to Mansarovar

The BJP has been holding virtual rallies continuously for the first year of Modi Sarkar 2. In this series, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held a virtual rally today to communicate with the workers and people of Uttarakhand. During this rally, Rajnath Singh mentioned the new route prepared by the Government of India for the Mansarovar Yatra. Through this, Rajnath Singh said that with this step of the Government of India, Mansarovar Yatra can be completed in 6 days. Rajnath Singh said that the road prepared by the Border Road Organization from Lipulekh to Dhar’Chula will be very convenient for those going on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

India has an unbreakable relationship with Nepal

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also referred to the ongoing dispute with Nepal during this period. Rajnath Singh said that there has been some misunderstanding about this road in our neighboring country Nepal, but not only our social, geographical and historical relationship with Nepal but also cultural relationship. Not only this, our spiritual relationship is also related to Nepal.

We cannot forget Baba Pashupatinath and how can anyone separate him from Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath and Amarnath. Rajnath Singh said that the relationship between Nepal and India is such a relationship that other people cannot change even if they want to. So how can India and Nepal break their relationship! Because it is not a normal relationship. The Defense Minister termed the relationship between India and Nepal as the relationship between roti and beti and made it clear that there is no power in the world to break this relationship.

The dispute with Nepal will be resolved by sitting

The Union Defense Minister stressed that if there is any “addiction” that has arisen in the people of Nepal due to the construction of this road from Lipulekh to Dharchula, we will resolve it together, we will find a solution through dialogue. People living in India can never be confused with the people of Nepal.

Nepal is telling the new route to Mansarovar on its land

Significantly, Nepal has passed a new map from Parliament, which is under dispute. In this map, Nepal has described some part of India as its own. This is the part on which a new road has been prepared to go to Mansarovar in India.



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