The mysterious life of Devraha Baba born on the land of India

The mysterious life of Devraha Baba born on the land of India

The birth of Devraha Baba is unknown. Even their exact age is not assessed. He was a resident of Deoria district of UP. There is a doubt about the birth of this Baba, who gave up his life on Yogini Ekadashi on Tuesday, 19 June 1990. He is said to have lived for about 900 years. (There are different views about Baba’s entire life, some people consider his life as 250 years and some people 500 years.)

In the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, India, there was a yogi, a great sage and a saint. People like Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya, Purushottam Das Tandon, had time and time to see Pujya Devraha Baba and felt grateful. Pujya was proficient in Ashtanga Yoga propounded by Maharishi Patanjali.

According to the statement of the devotees, Baba used to meet everyone who came near him with great love and used to give some offerings to everyone. Baba used to place his hand in the empty part of the scaffolding to give offerings, and fruits, nuts or some other food items would come in his hand, while there was no such thing on the scaffold.

The devotees used to have curiosity about where and how this Prasad comes in Baba’s hands. According to Jansruti, he used to go anywhere at any time from the traffic due to Khechari currency. Acacia trees growing around them did not have thorns. Sungadh was everywhere.

People believe that Baba used to walk on water and he never rode to go to any of his destinations nor was he ever seen going anywhere by a ride. Baba used to visit Prayag every year at the time of Kumbh.

According to Markandeya Singh, he descended not from the womb of a woman but from water. In Vrindavan on the banks of the Yamuna, he could remain without breathing in water for 30 minutes. He understood the language of animals. He used to control dangerous wild animals in an instant.

People believe that Baba knew everything when, who, where was discussed about him. He was an incarnate person. His life was very simple and gentle. He was astonished to see things like photo cameras and TV. He used to ask her to take his photo, but the surprise was that his photo was not made. If he did not want, the revolver would not fire. He had control over inanimate objects.

Devraha Baba never made any miraculous claims about his age, difficult tenacity and accomplishments, but there were crowds of people of all kinds around him who were always seen searching for miracles. In the context of the like, trees and vegetation also felt confident. The first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad saw him in his childhood.

Great people of the country and the world used to come to meet him and famous saints and saints also used to meet in his ashram. Many incidents related to him make this Siddha saint famous for humanity, knowledge, penance and yoga.

I remember well and I was there too. It would be 1987, it was the month of June. Deoraha Baba’s camp was gathered across the Yamuna in Vrindavan. There was chaos in the officers. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was to come to see Baba. The area was marked for the arrival and visit of the Prime Minister.

The top officers gave instructions to cut a tree of acacia tree there to make helipad. Baba called a big police officer and asked, why do you want to cut the tree? The officer said, it is necessary for the safety of the Prime Minister. Baba said, you will bring your PM here, you will get his praise, PM’s name will also be that he goes to saints and saints, but the poor tree will have to suffer the punishment for it!

If he asks me about this, what will I answer him? no! This tree will not be pruned. The officers told their helplessness that it belongs to the officers who came from Delhi, so it will be cut down and then the entire tree is not to be cut down, only a branch of it is to be cut, but Baba did not agree at all. They said that this tree will be in your eyes, it is my oldest companion, it talks to me day and night, this tree cannot be cut.

The dilemma of the rest of the officers was increasing due to this development, after all, Baba comforted him and said that don’t panic, now the PM’s program will be postponed, I cancell your PM’s program. Surprised that after two hours, a radiogram came from the PM office that the program has been postponed, Rajiv Gandhi came there after a few weeks, but the tree was not cut down. What would it be called a miracle or a coincidence?

There were many special people who came to Baba’s shelter. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi are the names of prominent leaders among his devotees. People used to go to learn Hatha Yoga with them. He used to teach ten postures of hatha yoga by seeing a good man. He had deep knowledge on Yoga. He meditated on meditation, yoga, pranayama, trataka samadhi etc. If he was called in many big Siddha conferences, he would surprise everyone with his talent on related subjects.

People used to think that when and how did this Baba know all this much. He was perfect in the methods of meditation, pranayama, samadhi. Dharmacharya, Pandit, philanthropist, Vedanti used to communicate with him in many ways. He did many long practices in life. His passion for public welfare, protection of trees, flora, environment and wildlife was evident.

When Indira Gandhi lost in the post-Emergency elections in the country, she too went to seek blessings from Deoraha Baba. He blessed them with the claws of his hand. After coming back from there, Indira set the hand of the Congress election symbol. After this, in 1980, the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Indira gained a strong majority and she became the Prime Minister of the country.

At the same time, it is also believed that Indira Gandhi went to seek blessings from Shankaracharya Swami Chandrashekharendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peeth during the Emergency. There he gave his blessings by raising his right hand and asked him to make the election mark of the Paw Paw Party.

Baba was a great yogi and a saint. His miracles kept thousands of people shocked. His style of blessing was unique. Sitting on the loft, he put his foot on his head, he was blessed. Trees and plants also talked to him. There was a lot in his ashram, but without thorns. Not only this, they used to spread fragrance also.

His visions used to be thronged by large masses everyday. Baba used to know the mind of the devotees without even telling him. He did not eat food all his life. Lived life by drinking milk and honey. He loved the juice of quince.

Devraha Baba had perfection on the Khechari Mudra, due to which he used to get control of his hunger and age.

The fame was so great that when George V came to India, he reached his ashram with his entire Lashkar Lashkar in the Deira area of ​​Deoria district to the village of Mile. In fact, while leaving England, he had asked his brother whether the saints of India are truly great.

Prince Philip replied- Yes, at least to meet Deoraha Baba. This is the year 1911. This visit of George V was then aimed at the people of India in favor of the British rule due to the atmosphere of the war. Baba had also told him some of his disciples, but no one is ready to talk about that even today.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad must have been around two to three years old, when he went to Baba’s house with his parents. On seeing Baba, he said – This child will become a king. Later, after becoming President, he wrote a letter of gratitude to Baba and also made public worship of Baba Baba in Prayag Kumbh of 54 CE.

Baba Devraha could remain in the water for 30 minutes without breathing. He understood the language of animals. He used to control dangerous wild animals in a moment.

His devotees call him a great lover of mercy. And Baba looted his wealth free. Whoever came, took Baba’s full mercy. No differences in distribution. Like rainwater, Baba’s blessings rained on everyone and rained heavily. It was believed that Baba’s blessings are the medicine of every merge.

It is said that on seeing Baba, he understood what is the question of the person in front. With sharp eyes, sharp eyes, loud voice, laughed heartily, it was Baba’s habit to talk a lot. The memory is so much that even after decades, he would recognize the person he met and even tell his grandfather’s great-grandfather’s name and history, like a fast computer.

Yes, Balishta was also a stalker. But by the time he left the body, he started walking at half-waist. His entire life was spent in the scaffolding. His palace rested on four wooden pillars, where people used to see him from below. He spent eight months in a year in Mile. He spent some time in the monastery of Mathura in the Ganges in Ramnagar, Banaras, Prayag in Magh, Mathura in Phagun, and he also spent some time in the Himalayas.

Never ate anything himself, but whatever the devotees reached with it, they showered it to the devotees. Hundreds of people used to gather everywhere in order to gain their education. And then suddenly on 11 June 1909 he stopped seeing.

I felt like something untoward was going to happen. Even the mood changed. The waves of Yamuna started getting restless. Baba remained seated on the trident Siddhasana on the loft. The team of doctors saw on the thermometer that the mercury was bent on breaking the last boundary. On the 19th, on Tuesday, it was Yogini Ekadashi.

There were dark clouds in the sky, strong storms brought storms. Was eager to beat the sea like Yamuna. The surge of waves started reaching Baba’s loft. And among them all, Baba’s body became pulsating at four in the evening. The immense crowd of devotees also began to cry with nature.



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