Malls, restaurants today reopen India and walk with caution

Malls, restaurants today reopen India and walk with caution

Retailers are requesting mall owners to work on revenue share agreements and let go of any other monetary obligations.

Even as the government decided to reopen India amid growing cases of coronovirus, malls and retailers are going into an “unlocked” phase with a sense of uncertainty.

The malls are not expecting to exceed 20-30% in the first few weeks, even with retailers saying they are waiting for top mall developers to re-bargain for their stores.

On the other hand, restaurants said that it may be some time before they decide to open an outlet for a dine-in because the government-imposed restrictions do not make the business viable.

On Sunday, the Delhi government moved to open malls and restaurants joining states like Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, which will resume business this week.

A top fashion retailer, who spoke to Mint on condition of anonymity, said the brand has not reviewed its decision to reopen its stores in the mall as they have yet to find new rental agreements with developers To reach “those who are not helpful.” “

Retailers are requesting mall owners to work on revenue share agreements and let go of any other monetary obligations.

Egisa Alisha Malik, vice president of e-commerce at Metro Brands Ltd, which operates 500 stores for footwear brands Metro, Mochi and Crocs. “50% of our stores are now open. But to reopen our stores in the mall, we are negotiating for revenue-share deals based on sales that we are able to clock. He said that the talks are taking place in good spirit but until the matter is clear, we will not see our outlets opening in malls.

Malik said the footwear manufacturer is able to renegotiate rental deals with all its high-street stores.

Malls in Delhi said they are awaiting inventory from the Delhi government for standard operating procedures and will reopen their properties in the next two to three days. Abhishek Bansal, executive director who operates the mall in Delhi-NCR, said, “In the first few days, we expect about 30% of the pre-Kovid levels, all tenants are standing to open.” Area. Bansal said the developer has reached some rent agreements with the tenants.

The high-end restaurants in Delhi and Gurugram, though under restrictions, were suspected of opening orders. Chef Manish Mehrotra, who runs the Indian Accent at The Lodhi and Comorin in Gurugram, said there is no clarity on whether restaurants can serve liquor. “And with the 9 o’clock curfew, they cannot serve dinner. Also working with 50% seating capacity would make no sense. “Italian restaurant Diva by Aga Nakula Chandra, Chief Executive Officer of Riga Foods:” We are waiting for a detailed order. But under these rules, most restaurants. Bleed.

Not surprisingly, Pizza Hut is on top of its customers for dine-in customers in the coming week. Pizza Hut Managing Director of the Indian subcontinent, Meryl Perera, welcomed the move, saying that their store teams are working towards getting ready as soon as possible.

“Pizza Hut is in the middle of rolling out contactless dine-in, where the entire process will be digital, from payment to menu. Seating will be reconnected and meal service tables will be combined with dine-in tables to maintain social distance between servers and customers. He said walk-in customers would be sure to check temperatures, sanitizers at key touch points and wear masks by restaurant staff at all times.

Pierrera said that since contactless delivery and takeaways are functional, the stores are already following the guidelines issued by the government, WHO and FSSAI.



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