Five players who should retire from their international cricket careers

Five players who should retire from their international cricket careers

Whether it is cricket or any other sport, the players who play every game have to leave their game one day and step in the second innings of life. Some players understand this point at the right time, while some take too long to accept it.

Currently, there are many players in international cricket for whom it is not wrong to say that they should announce their retirement now, but they are falling under criticism for not announcing their retirement.

In fact, if you are not playing for the national team and you do not expect to retire from cricket

So, in this article, tell you about the 5 players who should now announce their retirement from international careers, but they are forcibly dragging their careers.

Shoaib malik

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik announced his retirement from Test cricket in a press conference during the Test match played against England in Sharjah in November 2015. Announcing his retirement from the Test, Malik said that the upcoming ICC World Cup 2019 should be focused on. .

After this the all-rounder continued to play in limited overs cricket and made it to the ICC World Cup 2019 squad. But Shoaib Malik also announced his retirement from ODI cricket after beating Bangladesh badly in his last league match.

Currently, Malik plays T20I cricket. Although the Pakistan Cricket Board no longer gives them more opportunities, as a senior player, they are not able to take advantage of the opportunities that they get. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that now the 38-year-old Malik should also retire from T20I cricket.

Lasith Malinga

Fast bowler Lasith Malinga of the Sri Lankan cricket team, who made his mark in world cricket for his precise yorker and slover balls, retired from his Test career in 2011 citing fitness on a tour of England. Malinga had a knee problem, due to which he wanted to leave the Test and play limited cricket for a long time.

Hence Malinga retired from his Test career. Subsequently, the player continued to perform well for the team in ODIs and T20 cricket for 8 years. But the senior player also announced his one-day retirement after the ODI series played with Bangladesh after the ICC World Cup 2019.

Even at the age of 36, Malinga plays T20I cricket. Some time ago, the senior player confirmed that his team needed him so that he was playing the T20 format. But being a fast bowler, the veteran should now also say goodbye to T20 career, otherwise it could have a profound impact on his fitness.

Mashrafe Mortaza

Mashrafe Mortaza, the fast bowler of Bangladesh cricket team, is also included in the list of players who should now say goodbye to their international cricket career. In fact, Murtaza has retired from the Test and T20 formats, but still plays ODI cricket.

The 36-year-old plays ODI cricket. But he has lost his form now. After a disappointing performance in 2019, the player has played 2 ODIs with Zimbabwe so far in 2020. In which he took 2 wickets in one match, but in the second match he could not take a single wicket and the batsmen beat him a lot.

The senior player who has lost his form should now retire from ODI cricket and free up space for the young players so that the young players can adapt to the conditions of the team before the World Cup to be played in 2023.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, the explosive batsman of the West Indies cricket team, has been hugged for a long time and Gayle does not want to sort it out. Gayle has not retired from all three formats so far.

Gayle played the last Test match in 2014. He has been out of the national test team for a long time now. But till now Gayle has not said goodbye to Test cricket. Also, it has happened many times that the 40-year-old player talked about his retirement and then turned away from him.

In fact, Chris Gayle was part of the World Cup squad in the ICC World Cup 2019. After that everyone thought he would announce his retirement, but he did not. In addition, he is still expected to return to the team. However, it would not be wrong to say that the 40-year-old should respectfully announce his retirement, or that he will have to announce his retirement sometime later.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Wicket-keeper-batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his retirement remain an enigma to every cricket fan. Which neither Dhoni is solving nor the team management. Mahi last played a semi-final match with New Zealand in India’s Jersey ICC World Cup 2019.

After this Mahi spoke of 2 months of rest and till now 8 months have passed, but he has not been seen playing with the team. After the World Cup, the chief selector of Team India MSK Prasad had said that he has now surpassed Dhoni. So Mahi said that no one should ask about retirement till January.But has not yet made any official comment on retirement.



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