WHO is concerned about India’s lockdown

WHO is concerned about India’s lockdown

WHO is worried about India’s lockout!

Preparations are now underway to open India. The process of unlock 1 has started. But the decision to open India may not prove to be wrong. Because ever since many things have been exempted, the number of corona infections has started to increase.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expert has also warned India. Michelle Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Program, warned on Friday that removing the lockdown could lead to a sharp jump in the number of corona viruses in India.

He said that Corona has not yet exploded in India. But the removal of the lock has increased the possibility of explosives. Time to double the number of coronavirus cases in India But it is about three weeks.

India has become the sixth country in the world to overtake Italy in the Corona virus case. The country has the highest number of infections on Saturday. Today, 9,887 new cases of corona have been reported on Saturday.

At the same time, 294 people died. So far, the total number of infections has reached 2,36,657. The death toll has reached 6,642.

Ryan said in Geneva that the impact of the epidemic is different in different regions in India. While the city has a high number of corona, the village is small. In such a situation, there is always a danger of corona explosion. Where Pakistan or Bangladesh have not reached the summit of Corona, it may take a fiery form.

He said that the disease spreads in the community. It can show its outbreak at any time. The lockdown maintained the pace of transition on the bay. But with the commencement of activities, there is a danger of its rise.



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