Trump & Biden b/w US President election is toughest fight in history of USA

Trump & Biden b/w US President election is toughest fight in history of USA

In the US presidential election, the public has given its verdict and the counting is going on. A magic figure of 270 is required for the majority. The total number of electoral votes is 538.

Counting of the Presidential Election (US Election 2020) has been stopped because it is night in America. Counting of votes will start again after about 5 hours. Former Vice President and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden once again has an edge over Republican nominee Donald Trump. Biden has received 238 votes so far, while the current President Trump has received 213 electoral votes. A magic figure of 270 is required for the majority.

Meanwhile, counting has been stalled in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. The count of Votto was stopped due to being late at night. Before the results, US President Donald Trump has also made a big announcement. He said that he will go to the Supreme Court against rigging in the election. He also claimed a big victory.

Who win in which state

Biden won in New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland. Connecticut, Delaware, Colorado and New Hampshire have also won. Trump won in Florida. In addition, Trump has also won in Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma. Giving opinion on the American results, election analysts have said that there can be a huge difference between the initial trend and the result. The reason for this is that most of the voting has been through mail in. So it can happen.

Swing states will reverse

Trump is ahead in most states in 6 swing states, namely Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. Biden is ahead in Arizona, but Trump is ahead in Wisconsin, Michigan, Wisconsin. These states are those in which the victory can be reversed.

Allegations between Counting

Trump has made a big charge about rigging in the election. However Joe Biden also hit back. In a big statement, US President Trump said, “We are going ahead in the elections.” Efforts are being made to influence the results. There is an attempt to rig the election. Why vote after the vote is closed. ‘ Donald Trump has tweeted:

On Trump’s allegation, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden retorted and tweeted, “It is not mine or Donald Trump’s job to declare the winner in this election.” This is the right of the voters.

Eyes of the whole world

The whole world is watching the US presidential election. This election is very important for India too, because the relations of India and America have been much better during the tenure of Trump. So, India would like Donald Trump to come to power again. However, China and other countries like it would not like it at all. Trump is taking a very tough stand against China.



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