Allan Lichtman Predicted that Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump.

Allan Lichtman Predicted that Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump.

Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump, Allan Lichtman a writer and history professor at American University who correctly predicted Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election over Democratic Party rival Hillary Clinton.

Lichtman has correctly predicted every presidential contest since 1984.

“I’m predicting, contrary to my 2016 predictions, that with seven keys against him – more than one is needed to predict his defeat – Trump is the loser this time,” Lichtman told CTV’s Morning Told.

Lichtman called his system “13 keys” to predict who would win the US presidential election.

It is a collection of true or false questions. A true answer gives a point for a candidate or party. An incorrect answer gives a point for the challenger.

Lichman said, “My model is unique. It is based on the insight that US presidential elections essentially vote based on the party’s strength and performance in the White House.”

Lichtman was one of the only forecasters to predict in 2016 that Donald Trump would become US President in 2016. He also correctly predicted that Trump would be impeached.

“In 2016, I rejected all conventional wisdom and made myself very unpopular in more than 90 percent of Democratic Washington, D.C., predicting Trump’s victory,” Lichtman said.



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