USA is reducing its military presence in Iraq from this month.

USA is reducing its military presence in Iraq from this month.

The top US commander in West Asia said Wednesday that the US is reducing its military presence in Iraq from 5,200 to 3,000 this month as President Donald Trump begins his campaign to pull the United States out of “endless wars”. Tried to complete.

During a visit to Iraq, US Central Command Commander Marine General Frank McKenzie said the cuts in Iraq reflected the Trump administration’s confidence in the ability of US-trained Iraqi security forces to deal with the Islamic State terrorist threat. Iraq entered Syria in 2014.

The move faces criticism for declaring the American war dead as “losers” and “sixes”. He had recently denied the allegations, which were published by Atlantic magazine, which came at a time of tension in their relationship. Military.

Trump linked the growing rift with Pentagon leaders when he said that on Monday he wanted to fight a war to increase the profits of defense companies.

A senior administration official told reporters aboard the Air Force late Tuesday that the announcement of the withdrawal of additional troops from Afghanistan could also be made in the coming days. The official did not have the right to discuss it publicly before the formal announcement.

Trump is trying to make the case that he kept his promise four years ago campaigning for a second term.

The US military has been in Afghanistan since 2001. They invaded Iraq in 2003 and left in 2011 but returned in 2014 after the Islamic State group occupied a large part of Iraq. In June, McKenzie announced that the number of US troops in Afghanistan had fallen to 8,600, a level that the US agreed to a peace deal with the Taliban in February, fully withdrawn from the United States by next spring Urged to take

“In view of the significant progress made by Iraqi forces and in consultation with the Iraqi government and our coalition partners, the US has decided to reduce our military presence in Iraq from 5,200 to 3,000 during September.” It was during his visit to Iraq According to an excerpt from a statement given by McKenzie.

McKenzie said the remaining US troops will continue to advise and assist Iraqi security forces as they seek to eliminate the Islamic State group, sometimes referred to as ISIS.

“The US decision is a clear demonstration of our continued commitment to the ultimate goal, an Iraqi security force capable of stopping the resurgence of ISIS and securing Iraq’s sovereignty without outside aid,” McKenzie said. “The journey has been difficult, sacrifices have been great, but progress has been significant.”

Although Trump has called for a complete withdrawal from Iraq, Pentagon officials have warned that to prevent IS’s resurgence and help the Iraqi government in Iraq limit its political and military influence, active in Iraq Supports the militia.

Tensions between the United States and Iraq escalated after an American drone attack near Baghdad Airport in January led to the death of Iranian General Qasim Soleimani and Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahi al-Mohindi. Angered by Shia’s political factions, Iraqi lawbreakers passed a non-binding resolution to withdraw all US-led coalition forces from the country.

In response to Solimani’s assassination, Iran launched a ballistic missile attack on al-Assad Airport in Iraq on 8 January, injuring more than 100 US soldiers.



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