Protest Around The World : “Your Pain Is My Pain”

Protest Around The World :  “Your Pain Is My Pain”

Despite a wave of resentment over the death of African American George Floyd in the United States and a wave of racism against minorities in their own nations, protesters from around the world took to the streets again on Friday.

After Floyd’s death, a white police officer has blamed America for stabbing her in the neck, taking her into custody.

More than 10,000 people were drawn to rallies in Frankfurt and Hamburg, German, according to Reuters witnesses, with many lifting their hands in the air and holding banners with slogans such as: “Your pain is my pain, your fight is every fight “.

As officials from several nations warned of COVID-19 infection risk from large gatherings, some participants in Germany wore anti-coronavirus masks with a closed-fisted image.

A banner at the Frankfurt rally asked: “How many people were not filmed?” In reference to the fact that Floyd’s case was caught on camera in Minneapolis.

In Trafalgar Square, London, dozens took to one knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The placards read: “White People Must Do More” and “Justice for Belly Mujinga” in reference to a rail worker who died of COVID-19 after being infected by a man who said he was infected.

“There are a lot of uncomfortable conversations that people are avoiding because it’s unpleasant, it’s not funny, and it can cause stress, whether it’s in your family or with your friends or in your workplace,” the law firm Activist Ada Offor, 21, said, in Trafalgar Square.

“But they are having conversations that make us want to avoid things happening in the future, if we want to improve, if we ultimately want to create a kind of society where black bodies are treated equally.”

In Australia, protesters marched to the Parliament House in Canberra, social media images showed, despite efforts by authorities to stop the gatherings due to coronovirus.

Australians are also drawing attention to the mistreatment of Indigenous citizens.

Police planned to demonstrate in front of the US Embassy in Paris on Saturday, citing the risks of social disorder and the coronavirus epidemic.

Elsewhere, rallies were scheduled for Friday in the Netherlands, Liberia, Norway, Italy, Austria, Canada and Greece, with more planned for the weekend.



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