Angie Arizaga confirmed her relationship with Jota Benz

Angie Arizaga confirmed her relationship with Jota Benz

Angie Arizaga opened her heart and affirmed her relationship with Jota Benz.

The model got back to the real world and during her introduction she was urged to educate insights about her adoration life.

“We spent New Years together, on January 1 we chose to be together and I am more than upbeat. I’m infatuated, I’m truly happy” Revealed the EEG part.

He additionally referenced that for quite a while he had known Gino Assereto’s sibling.

“It was practically similar to a year, a time of endeavoring, becoming acquainted with one another, and now we are glad,” he said.

The re-visitation of this new version of the program caused extraordinary amazement among every one of its adherents, since Angie Arizaga was one of the contenders who was not going to be essential for This is war. This, because of a lumbar issue that he endured months back.

This injury, which influenced his spine, didn’t permit him to be essential for the amazing finale of the 2020 EEG season.

Thus, during a meeting with En boca de tasks, he talked about his nonattendance in the América TV space.

“I realize this is war, it’s my home, it’s my family, I thank all of you. That is the place where I began, yet it’s a theme that is generally for wellbeing, “Angie Arizaga told the TV have ‘Carloncho’.

Also, she remarked on her new position as a radio personality.

“It isn’t so much that I consider it so much, however you realize that I have two hernias in my lower back. Express gratitude toward God, today I am on radio Onda Cero and on Saturdays and Sundays in Entrepreneur put the batteries”, Expressed the model regarding her different works.



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