The Controversial Life Of Mahesh Bhatt

The Controversial Life Of Mahesh Bhatt

Famous director Mahesh Bhatt is celebrating his birthday today. There have been many controversies related to his films as well as his life.

His mother was Muslim and his father was Hindu. It was his mother who raised him up. Perhaps this was the reason why he did not give much importance to marriage in his life.

When Mahesh Bhatt was in college, he fell in love with a girl named Lorien Bright. Laurien was later renamed Kiran Bhatt. Kiran is the mother of Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt.

Being an experimental director, he also experimented with drugs and spirituality. He had introduced Vinod Khanna to Osho but he was disillusioned with Osho himself and came under the shelter of Krishnamurti.

He was in an affair with actress Parveen Babi during his marriage, which caused discord in his marriage. After this, Mahesh’s relationship with Parveen also deteriorated. It is also said that Parveen was very lonely in her last time and she had a dangerous mental illness called Sitzophrenia.

Amidst the bitterness in the relationship with Kiran, Soni Razdan came to Mahesh’s life but Kiran and Mahesh Bhatt were not divorced. Meanwhile, he married Soni. Mahesh had accepted Muslim religion for this marriage. Soni is the mother of Alia and Shaheen Bhatt.

The biggest controversy in Mahesh Bhatt’s life has been related to his daughter Pooja Bhatt. He did a photoshoot while kissing daughter Pooja Bhatt for a magazine.

Pooja Bhatt says that she has seen her father struggling with alcohol but he is happy that Mahesh is now free from this habit. Like his disputed life, Mahesh’s films have also been experimental.



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