Important indications for kidney infection

Important indications for kidney infection

There can be many reasons for kidney infection. Like drinking dirty water and eating something that contains bacteria. In addition, many medications can cause kidney infections. Eating and drinking incorrectly can sometimes cause bladder infections and urinary tract infections. When there is an infection in our kidneys, our body gives many signals.

Main symptoms of kidney infection

Most infections in the kidney are indicated by our body through urine. It can be used to determine urine color, odor, urine volume, or irritation.

Sometimes high fever and chills due to kidney infection can also be a sign of kidney infection.

Mild or severe pain in the lower back can also be a sign of kidney infection.

Also feel bad, lack of desire to eat anything, feel like constant vomiting

Home remedies for kidney infection

In case of kidney infection, mix one fourth teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. The likelihood of kidney infection will decrease.

Juice of watermelon and potato is also right for curing kidney disease, so the patient should take its juice in the morning.

 The patient should take more vitamin ‘C’ substances in his food. Vitamin ‘C’ substances such as amla, lemon. The patient should also consume more fruits so that his kidney is strengthened.

The patient suffering from this disease should eat less protein food.

A person should keep some dry grapes in water at night time to soak them in water and in the morning, take out the raisins from the water and drink this water. By doing this continuously for a few days, kidney disease is cured soon.

The patient should not eat salt until he recovers.

All people should drink at least 2.5 kg water daily to avoid kidney diseases.

By squeezing lemon juice in water, the kidneys become clean and there is no disease in the kidneys.



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