You Should Know The Highest Paid App 2020

You Should Know The Highest Paid App 2020

Do you know that a smartphone can actually function as a money-making gadget. Probably right there. So, here are some news: There are the best and highest paying apps that really help you earn money.

And if you are already using these highest paying money making apps, I believe you can add some more in 2020.

Top Highest Paid Apps of 2020

Before you start downloading and using these highest paying apps, here is something very important. Some apps allow teenagers over the age of 13 to join the top money-making apps program. For others, you must be at least 18. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.


Do you like shopping? I enjoy it, but often have to worry about my wallet. When I want to spend in expensive restaurants or watch new movies, this is true. But I have found something and you can try it too. I suggest you download the mobi app.

This is not a simple paying app that pays you for some common tasks. Instead, Mobee is a mystery shopping app, where you’ll find exciting assignments.

The assignment will flash on your app for a day or two or sometimes, hours before the task is completed. Typical tasks include visiting a store, restaurant, pizzeria, hotel, liquor store or even an office.

You have to mention all the mentions for your work and file a report or review immediately. Typically, Mobee pays your shopping bills in exchange for a review or reimburses you $ 12.99 per purchase.


Active in more than 30 countries worldwide, iPoll is one of the best and highest paid apps for 2020. But you have to spend some time daily with iPoll to earn. Actually, iPoll is an online survey community.

When you download iPoll and register, you will receive many short and long surveys almost every hour. Complete them on time as each survey only requires a certain number of respondents. And for completion, iPoll rewards points that are redeemable for cash or Amazon shopping vouchers.

Google opinion Reward

Google Opinion Rewards, as the name suggests, is a program by Google, the largest search engine on the Internet. Due to its popularity, many companies, businesses and governments, among others, conduct public opinion polls on Google. And of course they pay for it.

Google rewards you in a big way for your efforts. For some surveys, you may not get cash. Instead, you get a credit for purchasing paid applications from the Google Play Store. In some instances, they offer PayPal credit.

You can expect to earn $ 1 per poll or opinion poll. This is a great app, if you are buying some pricey apps, but want to get them for free.


For anyone and everyone who owns a car and would like to earn extra money by working a few hours daily, Uber is the app. Register yourself as an independent cab contractor through the app by giving personal details, driving license number and other required documents.

On successful registration, you can earn a lot of money by working as a taxi for Uber. There are several categories under which you can register as a driver such as economy luxury and others.

Field agent

To use the field agent app, it is best to have some knowledge about websites and software. You have to test these websites and software and submit honest reviews to make money.

The field agent also hires mystery shoppers to actually visit the shop and write excellent reviews. What you are looking for has some limitations. They pay well. Meaning, your salary depends on the complexity of the work.

User testing

Do you like testing new stuff like computer games, videos, software, websites and lots of other stuff? Connect to UserTesting by downloading their app on your smartphone. Although userwriting is one of the best and highest paid apps for 2020, here is something you need to know.

They ask for your review through the voice recording feature on their app. Therefore, to make your recording it is very important to have crystal clear, accurate and the information that the company is looking for. You can earn anything from $ 2 to $ 25 per trial depending on complexity and time.


Talk about cashback and discounts, try the Walmart app, which is very popular in the US. You can use daily discounts, free delivery and of course, cashback every time you use the Walmart app for online or in-store shopping at Walmart and other partners. Walmart offers higher bonuses if you pay using the wallet feature on the app.

In addition, Walmart sends you special offers and discounts and especially for festivals and holidays.


Indeed, Rakuten is the new version of a very well-known website and app, Ebates, which Americans were actively using to get great cashbacks and discounts from countless online stores. Japanese retail giant Rakuten now owns the app and has added many new and amazing features that help you make some money indirectly.

You can shop through the Rakuten app to get a discount of at least five percent on your daily and household needs from the store or online. And the best thing about Rakuten is that they do not give you free shopping vouchers. Instead, they give cash to your debit card, bank account. They also run a referral scheme that allows you to boost your earnings.

Robin Hood

You may not have got a clue about the stock, currency and commodity markets, but want to invest. If your case is to download and use Robinhood, one of the best and best apps in America for small investors. You can invest as little as $ 5 on stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other instruments with Robinhood.

Once you sign up, you have a chance to win free stock — or at least one high-denomination stock — of $ 200, among others, such as large corporations such as Facebook or Microsoft.


Good computer skills? Download Clickwork and start making money almost instantly. ClickWorker displays jobs that are immediately available around your location.

Once you select the task on the Clickwork app, a notification goes to the customer. Upon completion of the task, the client pays Clickworker. Your earnings are immediately shown by the app. Clickworker pays twice a week to your PayPal account or debit card.



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