India: Farmers Protest or Government Politics ?

India: Farmers Protest or Government Politics ?

A lot of things. It would be wrong and biased ,to say that only farmers protest were at fault or government was at fault.


When farm-laws were introduced, the government failed to convince the farmers about how it would be beneficial for them, and it all started.

Bad Communication


When farmers started protesting, not one or two, but 8 meetings were held the government and no conclusion. why ?

Too much ask ?


When finally Supreme Court agreed to put a stay on the laws for 1.5 years , the farmer leaders still did not agreed to it.

Ego problem ? or too much agitation ?


Supreme Court said that a committee will be formed and the laws will not be implemented without your will. Even the farmer-leader were adamant on making the government take the laws back. why ?


Try to understand the diversity of India. India does not have only Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs. It is such a diverse country that all laws cannot please everyone.

So, does that mean govt can launch anything any time ?


No, absolutely not| Dialogue is important and coming to a middle way is more important. Asking the government to take the laws back will set an example that anyone can do that with some protests and agitation.


We are heading into a future of tech and automation, a lot of private jobs are changing . if you are in tech , you know how fast your technology is becoming obsolete.

Why do you blame ?


You can’t blame anyone , because you will be thrown out of that job and replaced with a machine tomorrow. Thanks to AI and ML.

Now think about DVD players, cassettes, CD players & VCR players.


Do they exist now ? why ? because we are in the age of internet. DVD plyer manufactures suffered a lot, but there was no market for those players, and it died.

But will the market for food, ever die ?


Never. It won’t die, but there will surely changes, that in future lead the farmers to become technologically advanced. But how’s that possible ? Through a series of steps and first step is – by eliminating middle-men.


Middle men will be eliminated today or later, but should they just go and die? No. There are ways to handle that and rather give them alternative employment options.

Cold storages? Maybe


What about the bill then ? Since it has been put on a stay, what our Supreme Court and central government could have done.

Implement the laws in those states whose farmers DO NOT have a problem with them.


Analyze how much profit/loss, what kind a situation those farmers are in for 18 months, and let Punjab’s farmers themselves interact with those farmers and analyze the situation.


Once that is done, if Punjab farmers are still not convinced, they can ask Supreme court for a stay for more years, or come to another solution through a middle way.

Getting agitated, being egoistic, forcing your decision on government is never going to work.


Now coming to the FINAL part, I am not an expert with bills or laws, but i am a human, and have ability to think. Sometimes, when you cannot get the complete DEAL, you should settle for what’s BEST for you. I think we all do it every single day.

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