India: Small business man filing Gst return easily and fast by one sms

India: Small business man filing Gst return easily and fast by one sms

Another cycle of documenting GST returns has been made simpler for little merchants. GST Network (GSTN) has begun the office of filing quarterly returns through SMS for piece citizens on which risk is NIL. An aggregate of 17.11 lakh citizens are enlisted under the structure conspire, out of which 20% ie 3.5 lakh citizens are NIL returns.

This implies that little brokers or independent company houses which don’t have any GST duty or assessment risk, would now be able to send their GST returns by sending SMS. They won’t have to visit the GST entrance. In any case, the business houses which owe expense won’t have the option to exploit this office.

Such citizens will have the option to fill the NIL proclamation through SMS in Form GST CMP-08, they won’t need to sign in by visiting the entry of GSNT. CMP-08 is a quarterly proclamation that must be recorded by the piece citizens. The most effective method to document assessment form through SMS GSTN has likewise given an approach to do this.

Step by step instructions to fill GST returns through SMS

  1. The assessee should type ‘NIL C8 GSTIN Return Period’ in their versatile and send it to 14409.
  2. Subsequent to sending SMS, citizen will get 6 digit confirmation code on his versatile
  3. This 6 digit code must be sent again to 14409 with the goal that NIL structure CMP-08 can be affirmed.
  4. GST gateway will send application reference number (ARN) to citizens on portable, email
  5. Citizen can see the status of Form CMP-08 on the GST entryway, where it will show up ‘Documented’.
  6. On the off chance that the citizen didn’t send the SMS in the way determined, at that point his return won’t be documented.

Who are Citizens taxpayers

  1. Citizens whose yearly turnover is Rs 1.5 crore or less.
  2. Such citizens need to store GST at the pace of 1 percent, 5 percent and 6 percent.
  3. GST rate 1 percent for producers, GST rate 5 percent for caf├ęs and GST rate 6 percent for other specialist co-ops.
  4. These citizens just need to document expense forms on quarterly premise.
  5. Such citizens don’t get the advantage of information tax break.
  6. Such citizens likewise can’t give charge solicitations.


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