PM Modi Governance 2.0 One Year Achievement

PM Modi Governance 2.0 One Year Achievement

As the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is completing a year in office at the end of this month, the Center has begun an exercise to compile the achievements of various ministries and departments in the first year of Modi 2.0.

Triple Talaq

Another issue that left the opposition staggered and gave the BJP a big hand was the issue of triple talaq. The BJP government succeeded in criminalizing the practice of immediate divorce among Muslim men and successfully pushed through both houses of Parliament despite opposition from their own camp.


The Unlawful Activities Prevention Act was amended by the government to give more teeth to agencies. The opposition opposed it but Home Minister Amit Shah made a strong defense. The government said that an amendment in the law is necessary to fight terrorist activities. The amendment empowered the government to designate a person as a terrorist and seize their property. However, the logic of the opposition was flattened by the amendment called the Drakeon.

Ram Temple

Then came the decision of Ram Mandir. The construction of the Ram temple has been included in every BJP manifesto for decades, but it did not feature in the saffron party’s election papers as the issue was finally settled by the Supreme Court. The apex court ruled in favor of the Ram temple, which was criticized by many Muslim politicians and religious leaders. The verdict paved the way for the construction of the temple at the disputed site and the process has started.

Citizenship act

Then came the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. The passage of the CAA, which seeks to grant citizenship to non-Muslims from three neighboring Muslim-majority countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) based on religious persecution, sparked intense violent protests. It was also one of the major promises made by the party in its manifesto. Opposition parties and social groups have argued that NRC in combination with CAR can be discriminatory, triggering violent protests. The protests prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to state that his government had not discussed any steps to implement the register of national citizens.

Article 370

The repeal of Article 370 giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir became the primary selling point for the Modi government which came within 100 days of coming back to power. The issue was divided into two camps by politicians, with the Modi government holding the upper hand. Many people from the Congress and other parties sided with the BJP, which baffled opposition leaders. The government said that it was necessary to repeal Article 370 for full integration of Kashmir into India. This divided the state into two union territories of Jammu and Kashmir division and Ladakh division, giving a strong message to Pakistan that Delhi was prepared to retaliate in the same capacity. The BJP said that the decision was something that no other government had the courage to do so far. Both Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah did not bother about criticism of the opposition and the decision was widely welcomed by the citizens.



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